Thursday, August 02, 2012

Games Day: The Aftermath

Well, I survived Games Day despite having to spend almost a day at the airport and arriving at 4 AM.  I will say that this is my second Games Day and will most likely be my last.  It seems to have lost it's magic since leaving Baltimore.  I will get into the details below:

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!  Chicago sucks!  Actually, it doesn't.  Adepticon has had much success here and the city of Chicago is beautiful.  The convention center is in the middle on nowhere and a car is almost a necessity.  They have a few places to eat but most are costly.

That Empty Feeling.  The place felt empty.  While there were lines at Forgeworld and a few other areas, it seemed empty.  There was only one or two gaming clubs represented.  The open gaming tables were few and far between and mostly dominated by the same game that started at the beginning.  I think they should have had it in a hotel.  Treat it like a normal convention and not worry about trying to recapture the days of old.  I mean Dragon*Con could have it at the convention center but even they choose the hotel route.

Rushed?  Everything felt rushed.  You felt like you had to get everything done that day.  I think making it two days and at a hotel might attract more people.  Maybe they could have a tournament.  Wait..they don't want that.

You Thought Our Prices Where High Before? I payed $70 + an additional 9% tax for "Imperial Armour - Aeronautica".  I just didn't notice because I bought a lot of stuff and it blended in.  Just so you know...I could have had the book shipped from England for $45 and that included shipping.  SincaiN40k brought it to my attention when they tried to charge him $15 more for the Apothecaries. They said that was the "show" price.  Not cool.

Great Hobbyists - The Armies on Parade and the Golden Daemon entries were great.  A lot of people put a lot of time and love into their work.  I want to give a big shout to Todd of SincaiN40k.  While he didn't win, he did make the first cut and got a lot of praise. 

I could go on about the negative but I won't.  I can say that this is the last Games Day I will attend for a long time.  It just wasn't fun.  Not to say the people weren't cool.  I had plenty of conversations with a lot of cool people that were excited about the hobby.   I just wished GW felt the same. 

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  1. I have to say that nurgle table was my favorite. This was my first games day too. It will most likely be my last. Same issues you described, no open tables and empty as hell. For me the highlight was getting my forgeworld stuff. A purchase does not an event make.

    1. The Nurgle table was cool and the pics don't do it justice. While I love getting my FW stuff, it just pains me that they were trying to gouge people. The other issue I have is where were all of the hobby group tables? Snake Eyes and another group whose name slips my mind were the only ones there. Usually their tables are killer.