Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 1 - NOVA GT

Had a wild ride. I played my two games and went 1-1. Both games were against GK.

Game 1 was a lot of fun. It was close till round 4 where he had a great round of firing and made turn 5 a pain. He had a two stormraven and Crowe list. The stormravens kicked my arse.

Game 2 was against another GK player. I took a lot of what happened in the first and used it in this game. He had one stormraven and Corteaz. Good player but he was failing saves on his terminators. It didn't help that I blew the stormraven carrying troops out of the sky killing all on board.

I will trying to have a better breakdown Sunday.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Road to NOVA: Target Locked

Tomorrow is round one.  I got everything I needed to do done.  I am finishing packing up my army and snacks.  I managed to make some felt wreck markers for my vehicles.  Look crappy but it beats paper and you can't beat the sixty cents plus tax price.

I got the TLAC arms primed and added some wash.  They look like a rush job but they are done.  The one issue I need to finish up is the AOBR dread is designed to not old the arms properly.  That is a problem.  They work on the standard dread just not the cheap one.

I want to say that the TLAC arms from Forge Planet look pretty decent for the cost.  They also feel pretty sturdy.  I will buy a few more for my other dreads.

Well...good luck to all that are attending NOVA.  My you roll sixes.  Unless it's your leadership or psychic test.  Or you playing against me.  If you play against me, I want you to fail.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Road to NOVA: End Game

It has been a wild ride to NOVA.  Tomorrow I pick up my packet, swag bags (VIP and normal) from NOVA.  Then Friday is the big dance.  I don't expect to go far in the tournament.  I will probably drop my first two games and be playing in the loser bracket.  Maybe getting lucky and having to play in the toilet bowl on Sunday for best of the worse.  Although I think there is no end to my sucking and that is a fantasy. 

The past few months have been fun.  I started making a Black Templar army.  I didn't get it fully painted but did do a nice job getting everything started.  I like the concept I came up with for their theme.  They used yellow in place of white to honor Dorn.

Then came news of 6th edition.  I then decided to go with Chaos only to have the unknown and my laziness delay me too long to get the list painted in time.  I then flipped to my only painted army, Ultramarines. 

In my desire to make a competitive list, I went and ordered some autocannon arms from Forge Planet to make Dakkadreads.  They then changed their delivery date to the day of NOVA.  I then needed a backup plan.

So I made my backup list and was prepping for the worse and then the Post Office tried to deliver my Autocannons but it required a signature.  No one was home so they will delivered it today.  I will paint it tomorrow night.  It shouldn't be too hard since it's 4 arms and I plan on using boltgun, silver and white.  Then through some wash on it. 

That brings me back to today.  I am really excited about this weekend.  Hope to see a lot of cool armies and get my arse kicked by them. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

Road to NOVA: The End is Nigh!

After spending a week in Atlanta for work, I returned to the dungeon and immediately worked on clearing my bench.  Was I successful?  Nope.  I based my Black Legion Dread and painted the base for the Decimator.  I then spent the weekend playing Guildwars 2 (good game), drafting fantasy football, and playing a 1500 point game.

The 1500 point game was to get a friend (and me) use to the rules and to test out some new strategies with my list.  While I am not happy with the MotF w/ conversion beamer, it is here to stay.  I really need to field 6 dreads to make it useful.  I have the dreads but need to buy the arms.  I also won't have them painted in time.  The splitting up of marine squads is pretty nice.  I think having a melta team and an assault team worked nicely.

I have at least one 2k game set for Wednesday.  I am not prepared for the NOVA rules and will probably fail miserably.  I also need to work on remembering the IG rules better.  I keep screwing up orders but that is what happens when you add an army you don't know at the last minute.

As for painting, I am done.  Or I should say just about done.  I have the three color minimum on everything.  The IG are actually looking really good.  I have 4 that need some wash applied.  My vendetta are finished.  I added the pigment on them and sealed everything.  I am not a 100% happy because I rushed through them.  I also ordered a third to complete my ally squadron.  I could do some actual highlighting on the MotF but he is done for what I want to do with him.

There are a few variables that need to be worked in.  I have a feeling that my TLAC arms will not arrive before Wednesday.   If they aren't in my possession by Wednesday night, I need to swap them out.  Kinda late in the game but something needs to happen.  I will work on a back up list tomorrow as a stop gap.

I can say I am excited and can't wait to go.  It should be pretty fun.  I will try to post some batreps from the games the first two days and an after-action report.  See you all at NOVA!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Road to NOVA: Almost There

Ahriman looks on approvingly.

I can say that I am almost there.  Waiting on two sets of autocannon but everything else is here and built.  I have pretty much finished up my servitors and astropath.  I few highlights on each and some parchment work but I am trying to do all the parchment work at once. 

I am hoping to have all of my infantry done by Saturday night when I pack it in my army carrier.  I mean the three color minimum.  With a game on Sunday and a trip next week, I really need to be working on just the vehicle touch ups the following week.  I won't have much time at the convention on the evenings to paint and need to all I can get done ahead of time while maintaining a happy home life (Happy Wife/Happy Life).

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hobby Update: I guess it rains a lot in Cadia?

The 666th is Imperial Guard is prepping for their debut at NOVA.  They will be allying with the Ultramarines in order to usher in a new era.  Unfortunately, they differ on what is good for the universe.  The 666th is my traitor guard ally force.  Due to procrastination, I was not able to paint my CSM in time because I kept putting off buying the needed pieces in order to wait for the CMS codex that won't drop for a few weeks (or months).  That has led me to team up with the army that I have pretty much finished.

I can say that I have been having a lot of fun with them.  I have been trying new things with them.  This is my first attempt at using pigments.  I want to give them the look of someone that has given in to the ruinous powers of Chaos and it's taint is with them.  On the flight stand, you can see that the manhole cover is rusted and oxidized.

I used a combination of Secret Weapon Miniatures and MIG pigments.  I was given the MIG from an uncle that does WWII tanks.  I like it but I think that the SWM edged them out in the running.  Both were easy to use and I had fun with them.  Below is a Chimera that I worked on today.

Road to NOVA: Getting Closer and Some Random Hobby News

All models are built with the exception of 2 IG (a plas and melta) and the rest of my SM tact squad.  I also managed to almost prime every model I needed to.  It was a very productive day considering I was rather slack.

The Stormtalon was probably the easiest model (not including infantry) I have put together in a long time.  If this is the way that GW will continue to make their stuff, I look forward to the new CSM if they hit next month.  The directions were straight forward and looked like it was designed so you could prime the cockpit one color while you prime the body another.  I am not a big fan of the all clear plastic canopy that doesn't come with framing bits.  Mainly, because I suck at painting the edges properly.

Looks like I will be taking some piece with me to my business trip in a week.  While camping out in the hotel, I can get some painting done and be ready for the big dance.  I ordered some Autocannon arms and I am hoping they arrive by the time I return from my trip so I can paint them up.  I know that probably isn't the wisest but I really need some rifleman-dreads.

BoK has released their second rumor explosion.  Faeit 212 has the it listed as well.  I am excited about the prospects and I am cautiously optimistic on it coming out next month. I guess we will know in two weeks.  I did originally plan to run CSM at Blobs.  My guess is they will allow it but I won't have enough done in time. Next year.

I also want to say that I plan to get back into the swing of posting what I am working on starting after Nova. That is part of the reason why I plan on keeping the same basic list for Blobs.  That way I can start on Chaos and finish a few Warmachine pieces I have had on the shelf.

Thanks and hopefully I can meet many of you at NOVA and/or Blobs.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Monday, August 06, 2012

Road to NOVA: Progress!

Well, last week was my birthday and anniversary.  My lovely wife bought me the Fortress of Redemption and there was cake.  I also managed to make some decisions with what I am taking to NOVA.

Since I have less than a month before the big dance and no new book for CMS, I am going with vanilla marines and IG ally.  I have most of the models painted and it is the easiest to get done and be as competitive as I can.

I ordered what I needed from Miniature Market and will probably need to pick up a squad of marines to make up the missing meltas and missile launchers.  I see the one thing that I will probably need to skimp on is the details on the vehicles.  I will meet the minimum requirement for painting of three colors but I don't think most of the vehicles will be done to the degree that I want them to be.

As far as progress goes, I think I made a break through this weekend.  I started adding more colors to the flight stands from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  I have the HQ and troops for my IG at a point where I can actually say I am almost done.  I made some mistakes but I think they will be decent.  I have the Vendettas assembled including the upgrade kits.  I am missing the pilots and a few minor parts but nothing major.

My goal is to start testing out my list this weekend coming up.  I got a 1500 point game versus my friend and his Grey Knights last night.  The small list I had worked great.  The Vendettas and Vindicators were money.  Against a small army like GK, I was worried about KP denial and it was a kill point game.  I managed to get first blood and then stormed through for the win.  Flyers are the way to go for the near turn.  Having two was critical.  I think three might be the sweet spot.

I close with some of the pics from my IG.  Gonna work on them tonight and try to move forward on them before my order arrives Thursday.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Secret Weapon Miniatures: Missile Rack

Looks like Mr. Justin is busy at Secret Weapon Miniatures.  They are showing off the preview of the first in their line of weapons.  The Missile Rack.

I wish this came out awhile ago but it should be out in time for Dark Angels.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Games Day: The Aftermath

Well, I survived Games Day despite having to spend almost a day at the airport and arriving at 4 AM.  I will say that this is my second Games Day and will most likely be my last.  It seems to have lost it's magic since leaving Baltimore.  I will get into the details below:

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!  Chicago sucks!  Actually, it doesn't.  Adepticon has had much success here and the city of Chicago is beautiful.  The convention center is in the middle on nowhere and a car is almost a necessity.  They have a few places to eat but most are costly.

That Empty Feeling.  The place felt empty.  While there were lines at Forgeworld and a few other areas, it seemed empty.  There was only one or two gaming clubs represented.  The open gaming tables were few and far between and mostly dominated by the same game that started at the beginning.  I think they should have had it in a hotel.  Treat it like a normal convention and not worry about trying to recapture the days of old.  I mean Dragon*Con could have it at the convention center but even they choose the hotel route.

Rushed?  Everything felt rushed.  You felt like you had to get everything done that day.  I think making it two days and at a hotel might attract more people.  Maybe they could have a tournament.  Wait..they don't want that.

You Thought Our Prices Where High Before? I payed $70 + an additional 9% tax for "Imperial Armour - Aeronautica".  I just didn't notice because I bought a lot of stuff and it blended in.  Just so you know...I could have had the book shipped from England for $45 and that included shipping.  SincaiN40k brought it to my attention when they tried to charge him $15 more for the Apothecaries. They said that was the "show" price.  Not cool.

Great Hobbyists - The Armies on Parade and the Golden Daemon entries were great.  A lot of people put a lot of time and love into their work.  I want to give a big shout to Todd of SincaiN40k.  While he didn't win, he did make the first cut and got a lot of praise. 

I could go on about the negative but I won't.  I can say that this is the last Games Day I will attend for a long time.  It just wasn't fun.  Not to say the people weren't cool.  I had plenty of conversations with a lot of cool people that were excited about the hobby.   I just wished GW felt the same. 

Guinness Float