Thursday, July 19, 2012

Warhammer40k: Some 6th Ed Observations

So the Beltway Gamers have been playing a 1000 point slow grow league.  This week I went against an IG player, Duncan, who didn't have two vendettas.  He ran:

Primaris Psyker
Guardsman Marbo
Leman Russ
Platoon Command Squad - Flamer, Hvy Flamer
Platoon Commander
2 x Infantry Squad - Flamer
2 x Sergeant
Vet. Squad - Demo charges and melta
Gunnery Sergeant Harker

It wasn't much of a match.  It was the Relic and diagonal deployment zones.  I replaced a Sorcerer Lord in terminator armor with a bastion to test it out.  I will say at the 1000 point level it was a waste.  It fired twice and only wrecked the Hellhound.  His heavy ordnance were easily able to blast through my troops.  He rolled hot against my Daemon Prince and he rolled poorly on saves.  He also didn't succeed with his LoS.  My terminators were eaten alive and ran.  They never recovered.  My Oblitz were once again useless.  They fired twice.  Killing three with a plasma blast and hitting the Leman Russ and rolling snake eyes for pen.  At this point, I politely resigned since there was no way I could recover.

I think the speed of the game is picking up for a lot of us at the shop.  I don't think it will be an issue for NOVA.

The meta has changed.  Lots of cheap troops rock.  It I would have charged his 25 man blob squad with my terminators, I would have most likely died a horrible death from Overwatch fire.

I am not sure the bastion is the way to go.  I need to play it more but I think it's over priced for something like NOVA and the amount of cover. It is also a POS when it comes to LOS.  My havocs couldn't see anything.  I think ADL may be the way to go with the quad gun.

The game hasn't changed too much and I think the parts that have changed are for the better.  Time will tell if it is really broken or not.  I just can't wait for my next game.

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