Sunday, July 08, 2012

Warhammer 40k: First 6th Ed Game

Decided to play a mix of Chaos Space Marines against Thom's Necrons.  Mission was Relic and the deployment was that weird diagonal deployment.  It was a bitter defeat of 4 -0.  Thom controlled the relic and got first blood.  Fun game and I took a mix to try different rules.  Thom also let me take the Stormeagle out.

I picked lots of minis with special rules to try them out.  I will break down some of the highlights with my thoughts:

Hull Points: Not the game breaker some of my friends thought.  Yes, we had things wreck with 2 glances and a pen but rolling the pen reveled a 6.  Blown up anyway.  The amount of fire from both sides took more than a unit out to take a foe down.  It wasn't much of a deciding factor.  Razorbacks and Rhinos are going to be just used to get from point A to B and not these mobile gun platforms or assault vehicles.

Slow and Purposeful: Stay away from anything with this.  You can't overwatch fire and this is what caused my 1k Sons to die a horrible death.  Of course, just using a them is asking for for it but it was the reason.  Oblitz are probably the exception since they are still pretty good AT.

Flyers: Are great since almost nothing has the ability to take them out.  Once your out of zooming mode, your most likely not going to see the end of a turn.

Aegis Defence Line: Get it with the Quad Las to deal with Flyers.  This is another one where we screwed up.  We got it right at the end.

Cover: I love the new cover.  Works like a charm.

Wound Allocation: Here is where we made a few mistakes but nothing was horribly wrong but mistakes were made.  It didn't slow down the game that much.  Mainly cause Thom's Necrons were mostly kitted the same.  I was the douche with the power fist and flamers in my squads.

Assaults: These work great.  Yes, there were some wound issues but they didn't take as long.  One issue that screwed Thom is Obyron's WS isn't used when he is in CC while attached to the unit.  This stopped Thom from getting extra attacks.

Psykers: I like the new powers.  Not being able to make a save on Perils cost me the Apprentice Sorcerer.

Terminators: They are good but not the be all to end all.  One wound is just too much of a issue when you get swarmed.

That is a quick run down of my first game using 6th Ed.  I have some more games on Wednesday and I am sure I will have some more to write on the subject.


  1. Nice over view. Thanks. Looking forward to hearing about some more real-world tests.

    1. I have a game or two on Wednesday and plan on getting some more time during the weekend.

  2. quick question/comment on the wound allocation. From what I've read, it only matters if your dudes have different armor save values that could slow things up. otherwise the closest dude eats it, and if you can't tell who is the closest, the defender picks a model and that dude eats it first.

    The fact you were equiped differently doesnt matter anymore, unless I missed that, have to reread it.

    going to be playing my first game tonight, I think, lol.

    1. With Chaos, the Aspiring Champion had the power fist and was able to get a +5 "look out sir". If I made it I could take a model within 6". That allowed me to pull from the back making the flamer safe since I made sure they weren't the closest. The flamers primary goal was to do d3 wounds on overwatch. It made it slower than say a sqaud of warriors and one cryptek. I know I screwed things up and plan to play a few more games this week.

      The one thing to also remember is shooter decides what AP gets resolved first. Let the scrubs eat the AP5 fire and save the plasma for better targets.

  3. ah, that explains it. look out sir to protect the fist, and not dump on the flamers, gotcha. good point on remembering to save certain wounds for certain models.

    model placement is a pretty big deal now, it adds more depth to the game. In 6th, it's be one of those things you have to always think about. where to put stuff when you move. when you shoot or assault, where to shoot/assault from. makes flanking work really well. This is probably where I will make most of my mistakes.

    1. If you ever played Warmachine or Hordes, it is similar to their system. There your opponent picks out targets so you have to protect key characters. Here it is a little different but placement is key. Good luck on your game!