Saturday, July 07, 2012

Warhammer 40k: Back from Vacation

I spent the week sitting at the beach, swimming, drinking, playing with the kiddies, and reading 6th edition.  I'm not through my second read yet but I have to say, all in all, I like it. I have heard a lot of people who don't like it because it favors Marines and terminators, in particular.

I have to agree with that.  Dark Angels will be prevalent at NOVA.  Scoring troops and terminators?  Yes, please.  Grey Knights also go a bit of a boost.  Paladins being independent characters and able to perform "Look out, sir".

Tonight will be my first time trying out the system.  I decided to try out Chaos.  I know they didn't get a boost and are overly costed compared to vanilla Marines but I wanted to play with Jump Infantry and I don't have any for anything other than BT.  I also want to play with a Psycher and that leaves BT off the table.

Speaking of Black Templar.  Man, did they take it in the shorts?  They weren't overly screwed but they just cost too much now.  EC not counting as a Warlord is what really happens them.  At 750+, you have to include an EC and another HQ.  This is an expensive endeavor. I am not saying that BT are unplayable in 6 but I think the build I have been playing is not playable as is.

That brings me to the next area of concern.  With NOVA just two months away, what will I be playing?
I have three main options:

Black Templar - Costly and will require some allies.  I don't have any CC terminators and CML just got weaker.  I will need to buy allies and more terminators.

Chaos Space Marines - I have most of what I need for them now.  I will just need to paint them up and base them.  I will also need some allies.  Looking at IG for the flyers.  If I keep the points to 500, I can get the HQ, troops and two vendettas.  The issue will be if their new codex drops at Games Day.  How bad will that throw me off?

Vanilla Marines - I have a painted 2k point army that is not optimal but is playable.  I can add a few more pieces I have laying around pretty easily.  Just paint blue and add some detail.  I could buy a flyer for them or use the IG I am purchasing.

Dark Eldar - Are off the table.  I am actually reselling the old models back to the original owner plus a few extras.  I am not done with DE but it's complicated and have to do with how picky I have become as I got into the hobby.

So...three armies to choose from.  I am currently looking at CSM with VM as an active backup.  I should know after Games Day if I will have the army painted and ready.

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