Saturday, July 21, 2012

Road to NOVA: A Reprieve of Sorts?

It looks like I can *ALMOST* finalize my list after I read this.  If the CSM codex doesn't drop at Games Day, the old dex will be used.  Since GW didn't post anything on their site about advanced order for it, I can assume that they won't do a last minute thing.  That is good because I am WAY behind.

I will be at Games Day with Todd from SincaiN40K,  I have a few things on order from Forge World I need to pick up.  Plus I plan to get as much free stuff as I can.  I may pick up a copy of the new FW armor book.

I have been making some slow progress but, as I stated earlier, I am behind in my painting. I also have a conference I need to attend the week before NOVA.  I am already looking to pack a bunch of bases I need done in order to keep up while at GD.  On my second trip, I may bring some minis and a few paints to work on while in my hotel room.

As for my progress. I have one vendetta built and it was a pain.  The nose area must have shifted during the night and ended up with a large gap.  I used some green stuff and plan on making it look damaged in that area.  I have primed all of the IG bases.  I am using the Secret Weapon Miniature "Urban Streets" bases.  I can say after using the last few (Trench Works, Bone and Corpse Fields) that these are a completely different feel.  I plan on doing a video review of them even though they are old.

I have flip flopped a few times on the scheme I plan on doing for my IG.  The actual troops will be gray with black armor.  The flag is done in the colors of the Death Guard because the symbol on it is spot on.  The vendettas will have some battle damage.  I took some of the ideas from Todd's Death Company Rhino and from this Stormtalon.  I am not sure what color scheme I will be using.  I may do a dark gray and then some stenciling but I think I still need to look at some other designs.  I also need to pick up a few kits to make it and actual vendetta.  I picked up some rust weathering pigment (also from SWM) to add to the metal bits.


  1. Your formatting looks fouled out on this post. I have to highlight the text to read it.

    1. Hmmmm...not sure how that happened but it's fixed now.