Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Road to NOVA: Not Enough Hours in the Day

So...I have been working on the IG allies I purchased.  I made a lot of progress.  I have all but four primed and the black armor airbrushed on.  By the weekend, I hope to have them done the initial base coats and some work on the highlighting. 

I also received my two Valkyries that I am using as Vendettas.  I have one started and, as Todd (SincaiN40K) stated, you need a few rubber bands to keep the body in line.  Nothing horrible but a pain.  I actually think this model is as complicated as the Stormeagle.  Looks good though. 

The issue I have is the parts for the Vendetta don't come in the box.  You either have to kit bash them (which I may do) or get the Forge World parts.  I will try next weekend to pick up the parts at Games Day.  If not, I have seen a people use LR parts.  Either way, I am looking at $30 in additional parts.  One will get me the exact parts I need and the other will let me kit bash them and give me a ton of extra bits.  Not bad either way. 

I want to thank Hudson for his advice on the IG allies.  Not being an IG player, it was very helpful to hear ways to improve it.  The one issue is I am trying to limit it to 500 points.  On a 2k list (or 1999/1 NOVA), I need 125 for a bastion.  That leaves 1875 for the rest of my army.  I figured 500 was a good number for the ally. That being said..His suggestions where really good and gave me room for pause. 

The big issue is Chaos may or may not be coming out in two weeks.  If Chaos is September, I have until after Games Day (like the day after) to finalize my army so I can swap out a few arms on my terminators and then order the remaining pieces I need. The part that now worries me and highlights the issue is if a new codex drops.  It then may or may not be available for NOVA.  Typically there is a 1 month grace period.  The first week in August will be about that time.  If it is available, the changes may make it really hard to get an army together.  Not a show stopper.  I have marines that I can play.  It's just a pain in the rump.

Looks like the next few weeks will be busy. 

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