Thursday, July 26, 2012

Road to NOVA: A Little Progress

Why is one wing lighter?  I had left over primer in the aurbrush. 

I didn't get as much as I was hoping done.  The vendettas are built/primed (Not pictured) and I started painting the IG.  The color schemes are mostly black and gray with the exception of the standard which I am painting in Death Guard colors.  I won't be winning any Golden Daemons but I think they will look good on the table.  The bases for the vets look simple but will more than work.   I selected the Urban Streets bases from Secret Weapons Miniatures. You can see from the Vendetta that the base is pretty busy (in a good way).  I may need to pick up and extra box of them so I can make some melta and plasma vets.

That brings me to my list building.  I started trying to remove some vehicles and ended up adding one chimera and rhino instead.  Not really what I intended but it will work.  Mainly because I needed a way to move my troops around and foot slogging wasn't going to cut it. After Hudson's comment a few posts ago and a match I played against Duncan from BWG,  I think MoO is really not needed.  What I need is more melta and plas.  I reworked the list and decided to give that a go in a test game after GD.

Now...what is the primary force.  Well, I still hope to field CSM but my window is closing and August is a busy month.  I have another order going out next week and I plan on picking up a box of Sternguard with my CSM.  I can build and paint the Sternguard in about a day.  That will fit in a pinch.  Worse case is I run CSM for Blobs and Ultramarines for NOVA. 

The Chaos force is a LoS DP and a LoS Sorcerer in Terminator armor.  I like the DP but he is still a big target.  With the Sorcerer, I can hide in the terminators for a turn or two.  The BS is still the same so they both hit on two.  I can also run the DP on a flank in order to provide a distraction and maybe the ability to hammer a squad if I can get Lash and range.  I also bulked up the troops and added a rhino. I figure I will need the rhino since IG aren't scoring with them.  I will post that list in a day or so.

I haven't worked on my Ultramarine list.  I will probably do that just after GD and post it as well. This will also be my last post before GD.  I will take some pictures and make some notes about the show.

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