Sunday, July 15, 2012

Road to NOVA: Final Push

It is go time...Less than two months before the NOVA open and with the 6th edition dropping plans have changed.  It has been said that no plan ever survives contact with the enemy and this was no exception.  Several weeks ago, I was finishing up my Black Templar and prepping them for NOVA.  With the rumors of 6th ed, I began to hold off on any major plans for painting models.  6th is here and NOVA is using it with most of it's features intact.

I have a 2k point Ultramarine army ready.  Its not optimal but I can make it work with minimal changes.  That is my back-up choice.  The army has been good to me in the past and will continue to be so.

With the changes in 6th, there was a lot to take into consideration.  The two main things to consider were allies and flyers. I am assuming that we will see a lot of both at NOVA.  I tackled this by going with what I consider the best ally with the best flyer for the points and that would go with my idea of fluff.  I decided to go with IG.  Here is what I am looking at for a quick fix:

Imperial Guard Roster - 500pt Ally List

HQ: Company Command Squad (6#, 90 pts)
   4 Company Command Squad, 90 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Flak Armour; Frag Grenades; Close Combat Weapon x4; Lasgun x3; Vox Caster; Flamer x1)
      1 Company Commander (Flak Armour; Frag Grenades; Refractor Field; Laspistol; Close Combat Weapon; Senior Officer)
      1 Master of Ordnance (Flak Armour; Frag Grenades; Close Combat Weapon; Laspistol; Artillery Bombardment)

Troops: Veteran Squad (10#, 90 pts)
   9 Veteran Squad, 90 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Flak Armour; Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Close Combat Weapon x9; Lasgun x9; Vox Caster)
      1 Veteran Sergeant (Flak Armour; Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Close Combat Weapon; Power Fist)

Fast Attack: Vendetta Gunship Squadron (2#, 280 pts)
      1 Vendetta (Extra Armor; Searchlight; Twin-linked Lascannon x3; Heavy Bolter Sponsons x2)
      1 Vendetta (Extra Armor; Searchlight; Twin-linked Lascannon x3; Heavy Bolter Sponsons x2)

The command squad gives me two orders, a flamer, and the ability call down hell once a turn from the MoO.  I am not sure that the sergeant with the PF is the best. It is probably better to give it to someone else but since I am not looking to get close enough for a challenge they should be good to go.

The meat of this list is the 2 vendettas.  They are just there for AV/AF.  The heavy bolters will give them very limited AT but it should work in a pinch.

This is my first time building an IG list and I typically suck at list building anyway.  I haven't tried this yet but hope to give it a spin with my Chaos army right after Games Day.

I plan to paint them looking dead almost zombie like in the style of WWII German troops (Black and Greys).  The banner that came with the command squad looks like the original Death Guard symbol.  I this doing that in white and green with some dirt will really give it the traitor look.  I also spent most of the last two days taking imperial eagles off of them.

That brings me to my Chaos Space Marine army.  With rumors floating that the book will be here by August, I really am holding off.  I have a few things I need to order but I am holding off until I hear more on the new Codex.  Most likely my order goes in the Monday after Games Day and then the mad rush to paint happens then.

Let's hope I can make it work.


  1. Keep in mind that the MoO can only call down artillery if he hasn't moved that turn. If you're planning to put the CCS in a Vendetta, I'd drop the MoO and go with 3 Meltas instead. Likewise the Vets can take 3 Specials, so I'd consider 3 meltas there as well.

    1. The plan wa for them to hide somewhere and the Vendettas were just used for anti-air. I was trying to keep the points low but adding some meltas would increase the usability of these guys a bit more. Thanks!