Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hobby Updates

I haven't done one of these in a little while.  Mainly because I was in a holding pattern waiting for 6th ed and we just finished up the DW Warmachine League.  Well, 6th ed dropped and DW is holding two leagues, a football style Warmachine league and a slow grow 40k league.  I am in both. 

Warmachine: I started putting together a few miniatures for my Cryx army that I had laying around.  I almost finished assembling pGaspy.  I just need to add the cables to his arms.  I almost have the Withershadow Combine completed as well.  I finished washing off my Deathjack and will start putting him together.  That should be a good looking model when he is eventually done. 

I still have a mess of Thralls that I need to paint and base. 

Warhammer 40K:  I finished my Alpha Legion dreadnought.  I am looking at a few lists I want to mess with. I think I have my IG ally list done.  I just need to work on the main lists.  I want some rators but I am not sure if they will stay.  I think I will have the list hashed out this weekend and start assembling them.  I may need to buy a Defiler just in case. 

I managed to repair one of the busted Land Raiders I purchased.  It had the TL Las Cannons fall off and was dusty.  I did notice a huge gap in the side hull but I should be able to rig something up. 

I primed a ton of stuff.  I got my Aegis Defence Line done.  I also got some bases primed and basecoated.  I base coated the Raptors and did a weapon replacement.  I am not sure I like the color I used.  It was a deep blue but came out purple when applied over black.  When I look at them it looks good and fits my idea of Night Lords but when I think about them later I see the color as almost too light.  Something you would see with the Emperor's Children. I know the color change is just in my mind but it is eating me up.

Anyway.  I will post as much of a batrep as I can on each game I play (40k and WM/H) some time on Thursday.  I will also try to post some picks.

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