Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Secret Weapon Minatures: Urban Streets

Well...I blew some more money on some new bases for my Traitor IG.  I decided to go with the Urban Rubble Streets because I like the idea of the whole fighting in cities.  The bases are a lot thicker then the bases I have been use to from them.  They look like an earlier design which doesn't turn out to be a bad thing.

If you look at the newer work from Secret Weapons Miniature, they are really detailed and larger in height.  The one thing I thought when I originally saw them was they were some of the small base ones were plain.  While it is true they aren't littered with rocks or holes (or bodies), they are detailed.  They have a lot of cracks in the asphalt and some curbs and sidewalks.  The open space was a big challenge for me.  I kept looking at it and wondering what I was going to do.  Then I started looking at the samples on their website and added paint lines.  I have a few more ideas I want to add to the bases but I think my initial start has been a great experience.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Games Day!

We arrived yesterday and ran around Chicago. Going to pick up some resin and maybe a few other things.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Road to NOVA: A Little Progress

Why is one wing lighter?  I had left over primer in the aurbrush. 

I didn't get as much as I was hoping done.  The vendettas are built/primed (Not pictured) and I started painting the IG.  The color schemes are mostly black and gray with the exception of the standard which I am painting in Death Guard colors.  I won't be winning any Golden Daemons but I think they will look good on the table.  The bases for the vets look simple but will more than work.   I selected the Urban Streets bases from Secret Weapons Miniatures. You can see from the Vendetta that the base is pretty busy (in a good way).  I may need to pick up and extra box of them so I can make some melta and plasma vets.

That brings me to my list building.  I started trying to remove some vehicles and ended up adding one chimera and rhino instead.  Not really what I intended but it will work.  Mainly because I needed a way to move my troops around and foot slogging wasn't going to cut it. After Hudson's comment a few posts ago and a match I played against Duncan from BWG,  I think MoO is really not needed.  What I need is more melta and plas.  I reworked the list and decided to give that a go in a test game after GD.

Now...what is the primary force.  Well, I still hope to field CSM but my window is closing and August is a busy month.  I have another order going out next week and I plan on picking up a box of Sternguard with my CSM.  I can build and paint the Sternguard in about a day.  That will fit in a pinch.  Worse case is I run CSM for Blobs and Ultramarines for NOVA. 

The Chaos force is a LoS DP and a LoS Sorcerer in Terminator armor.  I like the DP but he is still a big target.  With the Sorcerer, I can hide in the terminators for a turn or two.  The BS is still the same so they both hit on two.  I can also run the DP on a flank in order to provide a distraction and maybe the ability to hammer a squad if I can get Lash and range.  I also bulked up the troops and added a rhino. I figure I will need the rhino since IG aren't scoring with them.  I will post that list in a day or so.

I haven't worked on my Ultramarine list.  I will probably do that just after GD and post it as well. This will also be my last post before GD.  I will take some pictures and make some notes about the show.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Road to NOVA: A Reprieve of Sorts?

It looks like I can *ALMOST* finalize my list after I read this.  If the CSM codex doesn't drop at Games Day, the old dex will be used.  Since GW didn't post anything on their site about advanced order for it, I can assume that they won't do a last minute thing.  That is good because I am WAY behind.

I will be at Games Day with Todd from SincaiN40K,  I have a few things on order from Forge World I need to pick up.  Plus I plan to get as much free stuff as I can.  I may pick up a copy of the new FW armor book.

I have been making some slow progress but, as I stated earlier, I am behind in my painting. I also have a conference I need to attend the week before NOVA.  I am already looking to pack a bunch of bases I need done in order to keep up while at GD.  On my second trip, I may bring some minis and a few paints to work on while in my hotel room.

As for my progress. I have one vendetta built and it was a pain.  The nose area must have shifted during the night and ended up with a large gap.  I used some green stuff and plan on making it look damaged in that area.  I have primed all of the IG bases.  I am using the Secret Weapon Miniature "Urban Streets" bases.  I can say after using the last few (Trench Works, Bone and Corpse Fields) that these are a completely different feel.  I plan on doing a video review of them even though they are old.

I have flip flopped a few times on the scheme I plan on doing for my IG.  The actual troops will be gray with black armor.  The flag is done in the colors of the Death Guard because the symbol on it is spot on.  The vendettas will have some battle damage.  I took some of the ideas from Todd's Death Company Rhino and from this Stormtalon.  I am not sure what color scheme I will be using.  I may do a dark gray and then some stenciling but I think I still need to look at some other designs.  I also need to pick up a few kits to make it and actual vendetta.  I picked up some rust weathering pigment (also from SWM) to add to the metal bits.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Warhammer40k: Some 6th Ed Observations

So the Beltway Gamers have been playing a 1000 point slow grow league.  This week I went against an IG player, Duncan, who didn't have two vendettas.  He ran:

Primaris Psyker
Guardsman Marbo
Leman Russ
Platoon Command Squad - Flamer, Hvy Flamer
Platoon Commander
2 x Infantry Squad - Flamer
2 x Sergeant
Vet. Squad - Demo charges and melta
Gunnery Sergeant Harker

It wasn't much of a match.  It was the Relic and diagonal deployment zones.  I replaced a Sorcerer Lord in terminator armor with a bastion to test it out.  I will say at the 1000 point level it was a waste.  It fired twice and only wrecked the Hellhound.  His heavy ordnance were easily able to blast through my troops.  He rolled hot against my Daemon Prince and he rolled poorly on saves.  He also didn't succeed with his LoS.  My terminators were eaten alive and ran.  They never recovered.  My Oblitz were once again useless.  They fired twice.  Killing three with a plasma blast and hitting the Leman Russ and rolling snake eyes for pen.  At this point, I politely resigned since there was no way I could recover.

I think the speed of the game is picking up for a lot of us at the shop.  I don't think it will be an issue for NOVA.

The meta has changed.  Lots of cheap troops rock.  It I would have charged his 25 man blob squad with my terminators, I would have most likely died a horrible death from Overwatch fire.

I am not sure the bastion is the way to go.  I need to play it more but I think it's over priced for something like NOVA and the amount of cover. It is also a POS when it comes to LOS.  My havocs couldn't see anything.  I think ADL may be the way to go with the quad gun.

The game hasn't changed too much and I think the parts that have changed are for the better.  Time will tell if it is really broken or not.  I just can't wait for my next game.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Road to NOVA: Not Enough Hours in the Day

So...I have been working on the IG allies I purchased.  I made a lot of progress.  I have all but four primed and the black armor airbrushed on.  By the weekend, I hope to have them done the initial base coats and some work on the highlighting. 

I also received my two Valkyries that I am using as Vendettas.  I have one started and, as Todd (SincaiN40K) stated, you need a few rubber bands to keep the body in line.  Nothing horrible but a pain.  I actually think this model is as complicated as the Stormeagle.  Looks good though. 

The issue I have is the parts for the Vendetta don't come in the box.  You either have to kit bash them (which I may do) or get the Forge World parts.  I will try next weekend to pick up the parts at Games Day.  If not, I have seen a people use LR parts.  Either way, I am looking at $30 in additional parts.  One will get me the exact parts I need and the other will let me kit bash them and give me a ton of extra bits.  Not bad either way. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Road to NOVA: Final Push

It is go time...Less than two months before the NOVA open and with the 6th edition dropping plans have changed.  It has been said that no plan ever survives contact with the enemy and this was no exception.  Several weeks ago, I was finishing up my Black Templar and prepping them for NOVA.  With the rumors of 6th ed, I began to hold off on any major plans for painting models.  6th is here and NOVA is using it with most of it's features intact.

I have a 2k point Ultramarine army ready.  Its not optimal but I can make it work with minimal changes.  That is my back-up choice.  The army has been good to me in the past and will continue to be so.

With the changes in 6th, there was a lot to take into consideration.  The two main things to consider were allies and flyers. I am assuming that we will see a lot of both at NOVA.  I tackled this by going with what I consider the best ally with the best flyer for the points and that would go with my idea of fluff.  I decided to go with IG.  Here is what I am looking at for a quick fix:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hobby Updates

I haven't done one of these in a little while.  Mainly because I was in a holding pattern waiting for 6th ed and we just finished up the DW Warmachine League.  Well, 6th ed dropped and DW is holding two leagues, a football style Warmachine league and a slow grow 40k league.  I am in both. 

Warmachine: I started putting together a few miniatures for my Cryx army that I had laying around.  I almost finished assembling pGaspy.  I just need to add the cables to his arms.  I almost have the Withershadow Combine completed as well.  I finished washing off my Deathjack and will start putting him together.  That should be a good looking model when he is eventually done. 

I still have a mess of Thralls that I need to paint and base. 

Warhammer 40K:  I finished my Alpha Legion dreadnought.  I am looking at a few lists I want to mess with. I think I have my IG ally list done.  I just need to work on the main lists.  I want some rators but I am not sure if they will stay.  I think I will have the list hashed out this weekend and start assembling them.  I may need to buy a Defiler just in case. 

I managed to repair one of the busted Land Raiders I purchased.  It had the TL Las Cannons fall off and was dusty.  I did notice a huge gap in the side hull but I should be able to rig something up. 

I primed a ton of stuff.  I got my Aegis Defence Line done.  I also got some bases primed and basecoated.  I base coated the Raptors and did a weapon replacement.  I am not sure I like the color I used.  It was a deep blue but came out purple when applied over black.  When I look at them it looks good and fits my idea of Night Lords but when I think about them later I see the color as almost too light.  Something you would see with the Emperor's Children. I know the color change is just in my mind but it is eating me up.

Anyway.  I will post as much of a batrep as I can on each game I play (40k and WM/H) some time on Thursday.  I will also try to post some picks.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Warhammer 40k: First 6th Ed Game

Decided to play a mix of Chaos Space Marines against Thom's Necrons.  Mission was Relic and the deployment was that weird diagonal deployment.  It was a bitter defeat of 4 -0.  Thom controlled the relic and got first blood.  Fun game and I took a mix to try different rules.  Thom also let me take the Stormeagle out.

I picked lots of minis with special rules to try them out.  I will break down some of the highlights with my thoughts:

Hull Points: Not the game breaker some of my friends thought.  Yes, we had things wreck with 2 glances and a pen but rolling the pen reveled a 6.  Blown up anyway.  The amount of fire from both sides took more than a unit out to take a foe down.  It wasn't much of a deciding factor.  Razorbacks and Rhinos are going to be just used to get from point A to B and not these mobile gun platforms or assault vehicles.

Slow and Purposeful: Stay away from anything with this.  You can't overwatch fire and this is what caused my 1k Sons to die a horrible death.  Of course, just using a them is asking for for it but it was the reason.  Oblitz are probably the exception since they are still pretty good AT.

Flyers: Are great since almost nothing has the ability to take them out.  Once your out of zooming mode, your most likely not going to see the end of a turn.

Aegis Defence Line: Get it with the Quad Las to deal with Flyers.  This is another one where we screwed up.  We got it right at the end.

Cover: I love the new cover.  Works like a charm.

Wound Allocation: Here is where we made a few mistakes but nothing was horribly wrong but mistakes were made.  It didn't slow down the game that much.  Mainly cause Thom's Necrons were mostly kitted the same.  I was the douche with the power fist and flamers in my squads.

Assaults: These work great.  Yes, there were some wound issues but they didn't take as long.  One issue that screwed Thom is Obyron's WS isn't used when he is in CC while attached to the unit.  This stopped Thom from getting extra attacks.

Psykers: I like the new powers.  Not being able to make a save on Perils cost me the Apprentice Sorcerer.

Terminators: They are good but not the be all to end all.  One wound is just too much of a issue when you get swarmed.

That is a quick run down of my first game using 6th Ed.  I have some more games on Wednesday and I am sure I will have some more to write on the subject.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Warhammer 40k: Back from Vacation

I spent the week sitting at the beach, swimming, drinking, playing with the kiddies, and reading 6th edition.  I'm not through my second read yet but I have to say, all in all, I like it. I have heard a lot of people who don't like it because it favors Marines and terminators, in particular.

I have to agree with that.  Dark Angels will be prevalent at NOVA.  Scoring troops and terminators?  Yes, please.  Grey Knights also go a bit of a boost.  Paladins being independent characters and able to perform "Look out, sir".

Tonight will be my first time trying out the system.  I decided to try out Chaos.  I know they didn't get a boost and are overly costed compared to vanilla Marines but I wanted to play with Jump Infantry and I don't have any for anything other than BT.  I also want to play with a Psycher and that leaves BT off the table.

Speaking of Black Templar.  Man, did they take it in the shorts?  They weren't overly screwed but they just cost too much now.  EC not counting as a Warlord is what really happens them.  At 750+, you have to include an EC and another HQ.  This is an expensive endeavor. I am not saying that BT are unplayable in 6 but I think the build I have been playing is not playable as is.

That brings me to the next area of concern.  With NOVA just two months away, what will I be playing?
I have three main options:

Black Templar - Costly and will require some allies.  I don't have any CC terminators and CML just got weaker.  I will need to buy allies and more terminators.

Chaos Space Marines - I have most of what I need for them now.  I will just need to paint them up and base them.  I will also need some allies.  Looking at IG for the flyers.  If I keep the points to 500, I can get the HQ, troops and two vendettas.  The issue will be if their new codex drops at Games Day.  How bad will that throw me off?

Vanilla Marines - I have a painted 2k point army that is not optimal but is playable.  I can add a few more pieces I have laying around pretty easily.  Just paint blue and add some detail.  I could buy a flyer for them or use the IG I am purchasing.

Dark Eldar - Are off the table.  I am actually reselling the old models back to the original owner plus a few extras.  I am not done with DE but it's complicated and have to do with how picky I have become as I got into the hobby.

So...three armies to choose from.  I am currently looking at CSM with VM as an active backup.  I should know after Games Day if I will have the army painted and ready.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th

Happy 4th everyone. I am enjoying a few days respite drinking and reading 6th Ed. I will have a write up on how it affects me and my thoughts this weekend. I will say that I like it and it will require a lot of learning.