Sunday, June 17, 2012

Warhammer 40k: Random Thoughts - A Case for Metal

Todd over at SinCain40K his a metal fanatic.  He preaches the joys of using them versus things like plastic and Finecast.  I have hated metal because it is a pain to glue.  Or it has been a pain but I have found myself saying, "I need to order this piece before it comes out in Finecast."

I never use to be like this.  I love the ease of plastic and the detail is very close.  I hate putting metal together.  Infact I have a 3rd edition CSM with Reaper sitting in front of me because it has been the bane of my existence for years (Note: I haven't tried to put him together recently).  I never like metal.

That has been until Finecast.  Now, I don't hate Finecast.  I like it and the detail is very good.  What I do hate is it occasionally arrives looking like poop.  Then you have to exchange it and rinse and repeat.

Yesterday, I went to GW and ordered a Typhus and Lucius in metal.  I want one of each of the major Chaos Legion models.  I have Ahriman, Abaddon,  Fabius and Kharn.  These would almost lock up the remaining metal.  There is Cypher but I have to decide if I really want him.

I am still not sure why I wanted the metal.  I was shocked when I made the realization.  I think part of it is the easy of cleaning them.  While plastic and Finecast are faster to remove lines, there are usually more lines and other imperfections.  The mold lines are usually less pronounced in a lot of metal.  The molds usually on par with Finecast and plastic in terms of details.

I don't claim to be good at the hobby at all.  I am still learning a lot and I think that is part of my switch in thinking with regards to metal versus plastic and Finecast.  I also think that having just the key pieces in metal and the run of the mill troops being plastic works.   I know my Warmachine bag is heavy with all of the metal models.

That's enough of my random thoughts.  I plan to post some of the progress I made on my Chaos Dreadnoughts.  I am still on the fence about what I should play coming up at NOVA.  Looking at my DE I would need two extra venoms.  If the FAQ BT to have Preferred Enemy work outside of combat, then I will be back at the table with them and prepare Chaos for Blobs.  If not, I am leaning to finishing up a Chaos Lash list and keep Ultramarines as a backup.

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