Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Warhammer 40k: Doom and gloom prior to 6th and some hobby status

"This is going to be the worst edition EVER!"  "They are going to screw things up so bad that I will eBay army."  "Cats and dogs living together!"  I have heard all but the last quote but I am sure it was said.  It is not all doom and gloom but there happen to be some of the louder detractors within some of the gaming circles I frequent.  I feel that some people will do just what they say.  They'll stop playing and sell their army.  Then maybe pick it up after the dust has settled.  There just a lot of people that hate change.  Change is scary.

At this point, 5th is done.  Most people have figured it out.  They know the lists and how to game the system.  It takes tournament organizers to develop scenarios and board setups to make players think.  This isn't bad but you can safely say that 5th is broken.  Not in the poorly written way but in the we have passed the end game state you see in video games.

While I have a number of issues with 6th before it is released, I cannot wait for the end of the month to come around.  I look forward to playing something different. I loved 5th edition but it has some issues that have been around and exploited.  4+ cover saves.  Outdated codices.  Parking lots.  No real CC.  I can go on but you get the point.  The thing to remember is that most of these problems where there but not really exploited until the game started to age. I didn't really start playing seriously until the last year and a half.  5th was fun but you can see how it aged. 

What has me worried about 6th edition?  I mainly worry that NOVA will use it and my army list won't be viable. Not that it is any way and not that I won't jump on Chaos when the codex drops now that I should have enough.  It just has me worried. 

In about two weeks we'll know more and I am sure that the leaks will be flowing more and more each day.   There are few nice ones about the box set and about the upcoming CSM book.  I have high hopes for both but I am cautious because this is GW.  I think change is good in most cases. 

I do plan on only playing one game of 40k in the next few weeks.  I will try play on Father's day since the wife gave it to me as a gift.  I may have to play in a campaign game but other than that I plan to decompress from 40k and hopefully forget what I have learned.  Clear my mind and have a blank slate.

In other hobby news, I have been pretty ADD lately with regard to my painting.  I managed to start assembling my FW Chaos dreadnoughts while I wait for the missing heads to arrive.  I applied sealer and fixed some of the mistakes I made on the Stormeagle with the airbrush.  Need to remember to tape more next time.  I have to say the Army Painter primer screwed me up and went south on me.  I didn't get the smooth surface I wanted with it.  Looks like I am down to just Krylon and airbrush primer working perfectly.  I applied some varnish to the ship to begin adding damage and stuff to bring it to life.  I did ink the cockpit based on what I read on the FTW blog.  Looks good with the blue tint. 

More later...


  1. Really looking forward to 6th at this point. I can certainly understand everyone's fear though. Who wants to have to totally redesign half of their army list because the new rules favor certain strategies? Also, $90 rulebook.

    1. Reports say 45 pounds which is $70. Bring your army to the draft and we can have a game.

  2. My bad. My browser was looking a the Canadian site!