Thursday, June 21, 2012

Secret Weapon Miniatures: Corpse Fields

I posted awhile ago about the new bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures called Corpse Fields and how I wanted them for my Chaos army.  I ordered two sets; One during the initial run and one a few days ago.  The sculpts are well done.  Plenty of details and plenty of open areas to add special details.

I want to take a moment to discuss the amount of open space on these bases.  When I first started using Secret Weapon Miniature bases it was with the Trench Works bases for my Warmachine army.  I complained that their was a lot of open space.  More than enough to put a model on it and still have this void.  What I didn't realize was this void was there to allow customization beyond the initial painting and attaching the miniature.  If you look at some of Mr. Justin's own designs and the extras that they sell to add character to the base it makes sense.  It just didn't hit me until I started using the Bone Fields and adding the bile to the bases.

The difference between what I did with the Corpse Fields and the Bone Fields is when I attached the model.  I attached the legs of the dreadnought prior to pouring the blood.  The main reason was to give it the look like it was standing in it.  The issue is the number of corpses didn't allow for a flush landing.  This is more on my limited modeling ability and teh fact it was already painted before I worked with the base.  If I would have went and cut the legs to rebend them, I would have been able to achieve the same effect.  I don't think it looks bad just not exactly what I want. 

I have to say I really like the look of these and how they will look with my army.  Below is a small video on what I have been working on and better views of the

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