Friday, June 08, 2012

Road to NOVA: Too Aggressive

I played at Dream Wizards yesterday as a prep for Saturday's tournament.  I played against Ben "Bugs" Cash.  Missing was annihilation/pitched battle.  I won first deployement and Ben failed to seize.

Deployment which is arguably the hardest and most critical part of the game and something that I have struggled with.  I lined up spread from the center.  Because cover was good and Nids aren't the fast army they should be I felt confident that I not only have the proper protection but that my missiles and Las guns would have the best lane of fire.  Vindicators are left flank with one behind cover just in case Ben steals initiative.  Razorbacks and a squad of terminators center.  Second squad of terminators and speeder on the right flank. 

Ben sets up center with Tervigons on each side. 

From this point I won't give a blow by blow because I suck at after-action reports.  Round one shooting was good for me.  One Tervigon falls with a few Tyrmaguants.  One Trygon takes three wounds.  Round two a Trygon falls but I make a critical mistake.  I am within range of his Hive Guard and their impailer cannons.  Razorbacks begin to fall. 

Then I get forced into CC with him.  What should have been an even trade (EC for a Tervigon) turned out to be a disaster.  To show how this game went from the bottom of three on I quote Ben, "Your dice rolls weren't a disaster.  They just fell apart at the end." 

I wasn't tabled but that was only due to the game ending in turn 5.  6th round would have been a speeder (not a fast speeder) trying to dodge fire and another one immobilized. 

What did I do wrong?  I didn't keep my range.  I kept holding my position and allowed Ben to move forward and munch me.  I play nids. I know better.  It didn't help that his reserves outflanked from the spot he needed to take out the vindicators.  Good game and was fun. 

In hobby news, I worked a little more on my Razorbacks.  I screwed up the parchment on one of them and will most likely need to repaint it.  I figured out how to correct the issue with the other two in one of those waking up in the middle of the night flash of brillance.  I plan on just powering through most of the primary color on the shoulder pads and get them attached to the initiates.  I also plan to try to get the marines attached to the speeders. 

Image was taken from DeviantArt - ursulav


  1. I had a good time too, you are always a fun opponent. One quick note - remember that the Swarmlord allows you to reroll choice of side for outflanking. And since 2/3 of the rolls will be the side I want, 8 out of 9 times they will come in on the correct side. They will also come in early due to the +1 he gives. So anything that isn't a vehicle moving over 6" or a cc unit in cover is playing with fire by hugging the board edges.

    1. I forgot about the reroll but I do remember the bonus to bring them on. I have to remember this for outflanking. I would wish you luck tomorrow but I need it more than you. :)

  2. Heh. Should have given me that luck, I could have used it! You placed like 10 spots higher than I did.

    1. Match ups I guess. After my first round beating got paired nicely against IG (Win) and then against Footdar (Tie). Glad I didn't face you.

  3. My matchups were not terribly kind, it is true. Round one I drew Patton and his Necrons. I made an overly aggressive play for the objectives on round 1, built up a big control point lead, but slowly got whittled down and lost by one pt on the last turn. He is very good, no shame in that loss. Second game I drew one of the Deathwing players, so was trying to win a VP scenario against a 30 terminator brick (almost literally, he deployed in a box formation between the blast zones). Just too hard to kill off much of that army with mine, and I came up 1" short of scoring the secondary objective. Final round was against Cliff with the Cybo Skull on the line, and the dice were so atrociously unbalanced in my favor the win hardly counts..

    Honestly I didn't want to match up against you either. That list is solid, and I was pretty sure you wouldn't make that same push up the board against me again. I would not have been surprised at all to get shot off the table.