Saturday, June 02, 2012

Road to NOVA: Black Templar vs. Necrons

I played Thom "I Pay People to Paint for Me" Hitz and his Necron army. 

Destroyer Lord
MSS, WS, Sem Weave

6 Immortals (Tesla) w/ Cryptek of Dest
6 Immortals (Tesla) w/ Cryptek of Dest
6 Immortals (Tesla) w/ Cryptek of Dest and Solar Pulse
18 Warriors w/ Lord (Res Orb, WS, MSS)

6x Scarabs
4x Destroyers (2 Heavy)
6x Wraiths (4 coils)

2x Ann Barges
3x Tomb Spyders

This was my first game against Necrons with the new codex.  The first round was night fighting and I lost a vindicator to lightning and a razorback was immobilized.  Round one shooting against me wasn't too bad.  I took out a wraith and the destoryer squad.   Night fighting ended the second round where I started making my stand. 

The scarabs (which kept growing) wrecked two more of my Razorbacks.  The troops inside managed to kill them off but fell to the wraiths.  Round 4, I knew I was done.  I can only hold one objective and maybe contest another.  Round 5, I managed to take another objective and kill a Immortal squad in CC. 

Loss 3-2.

I learned a lot.  My models are more expensive and Necrons suck in CC.  Setup is important.  I don't have the troops to bubble wrap more than the vidicators.  I started with the speeders on the board.  I have to say that was a good idea.  They didn't move very far but they did manage to make a difference immediately.  I think setup is my weakest aspect of the game.  It is also the most important. 

Very fun game.  Can't wait till next week end's tournament. 

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