Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Road to NOVA: The 6th Edition Issue

Last night, I spent a nice evening working on my Alpha Legion Stormeagle.  It was a great hobby evening.  I was very happy with the impending drop of 6th edition at the end of the month.  I have been dying for the mass of rumors that are sure to come in anytime.  With the new WD dropping on 6/23 with pre-orders for 6th edition, it won't be long before BoW has their copies of images from the magazine.  Then I saw some of the clarifications on rumors and it got me thinking.  How screwed is my army going to be?

My plan was to play BT at NOVA.  With the news of Preferred Enemy applying to shooting and conferring a re-roll on ones to wound, I was pretty excited.  Then came the news.  "Accept Any Challenge..." only activates when you are in combat.  Which means I don't get PE unless in close combat.  Barring an FAQ, I am looking at a 4th ed Codex that is over costed and at a disadvantage.  While I do not plan on making it to Sunday, I do want to win a game or two.  Getting smashed for two days is not what I want to do.  Where does this leave me?
It leaves back to saying what army should I bring that I will have fun with.  I have a Vulkan army that is painted (poorly) and ready to go.  It's a good standby and easy to play.  It has a mix of terminators and transports.  I would need to modify a few things but the cost and time to make it ready is at the very low end. 

Then I have DE.  I could have a nice army ready with little notice.  Two weeks to get a few models built and painted and maybe another week to paint up some stragglers.  I would also have a flyer painted and set.  The issue I have with this is play time.  I haven't played with them in almost a year.

Next we have Chaos.  How I wanted a Chaos army since before I picked up generstealers.  I have more than enough pieces to field a typical Chaos list that would be competitive.  If LRs are as good as they are going to be, I have two LRs that could be easily modified to be Chaos LRs (most of the work is done but they still have imperial eagles).  The issue is what about the new Codex.  If it drops in August, will NOVA allow it to be used?  Will it change my makeup and make it impossible to field the army?  Possible but I would have a fall back army (or two or three).

The main problem I have is play time.  I don't want to slowhammer someone but this may be the case regardless.  Learning a new rule set and then starting a new army.  This is going to be painful no matter what but I think it will still be fun since most (if not all) will be in the same boat. 

I guess this is my current first world problem.  It looks like I will be taking my painting supplies and some models with me on vacation.  The wife will not be pleased but that is par for the course.  Of course, I also need to work reading 6th ed as well.


  1. I'd say at this point no one knows how screwed they will be. From your choices above, it sounds like putting a little work into the DE might not be a bad plan. That would give you a choice of several very different armies - the odds are good that at least one of them will give you a good run in 6th.

  2. Good point. I should actually confirm I have the pieces I actually need but that would expand the army choices.