Sunday, June 24, 2012

Road to NOVA: 6th Edition, Allies, Oh MY!!

Last night, I played in a multi-player 500 pt combat squad game.  I was tabled in 4 after starting a fight with two of the four players and having horrible rolls.  It was a nice send off to 5th.  It was relaxed and surprisingly most of the armies on the table were painted.  This time next week we will be dissecting 6th ed.

Which brings me to my next point.  What am I going to do for NOVA?  I have said that I am almost certain to play Black Templar.  Then the changes to preferred enemy made that seem more likely until you read the BT vow and it only works in CC.  Then the rumors of every codex getting a large FAQ.  Now, we have allies.  In addition, we still don't know which way NOVA is going with this.

Below are the various scenarios as I see it and how they play out for me:

NOVA isn't using 6th Ed:  This is the easiest.  Finish up the BT and get my arse handed to me. Maybe I add two venoms to my DE and finish painting them.  Maybe I take my Ultramarines and just swap out Vulkan for a MoF.  I think this scenario is less likely but is still in play.

NOVA is using 6th Ed:  This gets tricky and has a couple of scenarios with it (I am assuming no terrain slot on all of these):

  1. No Allies: With the new flyers rules as they are, flyers are going to be pretty tough for an army that doesn't have them or any AA ability.  That leaves me with the following options:
    1. Play BT:  Not a good option but I am already assuming I will lose most of my NOVA matches.  This could become a great option if AAC gets FAQ'd to be shooting as well.
    2. Play DE: I am only down a few pieces and I could easily pick them up and have the army painted by then.
    3. Play SM: Need some minor changes but could easily be ready.  I would need to pick up a Stormtalon or two to give me some flyers.
  2. Allies: This opens up a mess of options and really makes my life a chaotic mess if I choose to be:
    1. Play BT: If they get a good FAQ, this becomes a big win for me.  I spend 500 points on a small IG force with two vendettas.
    2. Play DE: I can add the venoms I need for 2k or buy the IG force and use them.  I would lean toward IG because I want traitor guard any way for Chaos.
    3. Play SM: Not a lot changes.  Purchase flyers or IG and move on.
    4. Play Chaos:  This is something new.  Two scenarios come along with this one.  A) a new Codex drops and they get some love or B) add IG.

Those are my scenarios and how I see it.  Worse case, I play BT and ready an army for the Battle of Blob's Park.  I am kinda excited for next weekend and starting to learn what 6th really is.  6 more days...

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