Friday, June 08, 2012

Dream Wizards/Beltway Gamers Summer Showdown

Tomorrow is the Dream Wizards/Beltway Gamers Summer Showdown.  A 2000 point tournament held by the Beltway Gamers at Dream Wizards in Rockville.  Looks like there will be about 24 or so people competing for fame and prizes.  I won't be in the money and actually have a good shot on last place and the coveted cyborg skull. 

This is my second real 40k tournament (No, I won't count Chuck's Comics).  I think going 1 and 2 would make my day.  Aim low is my motto.  Below are pics of the army I am taking:


  1. At least yours is painted. Mine hasn't been touched in weeks. Damn you Diablo!

    1. It's mostly primer and some yellow. The vehicles have taken up most of my focus. As for Diablo, I will play to a checkpoint or two and then hit the brush. :)