Saturday, May 19, 2012

Warmachine Journeyman League: Week 5 - She ain't dead yet

This is almost the last week.  I came out with my 35 point list and got one game in against Q, a Circle player.  This was both of our first game with a few of the pieces.  There were a few notable highlights.
  • Having my Bane Thralls marked as prey then losing two only to have the Bane Lord kill them back into place
  • Forgetting to put a soul token on my Pistol Wraith
  • pDenny's feat is a beast
  • Venom away trees and anything else that poses a threat
  • The Bane Lord dies quick when people want him gone (which is often)
It was a victory for me but I need to use my arc nodes better.  The Bane Thralls with UA are beast.  I made 60% of my Tough checks with them which made the difference from losing 2 or losing 5. 

Another nice move was backing all of my Thralls out of combat so the Bane Lord could Thresher 3 hunters (killing 2).

The match ended when pDenny moved in to venom the Circle Warlock several times during her feat turn.  Q moved his lock in for the kill and realized two things: A)pDenny's feat does hamper a lot of attacks, B)pDenny is not undead and he doesn't get the extra die needed to crush her.  He got her down to 50% but he only had two points left himself.  He was a great opponent and didn't make me roll my hits on the next attacks.

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