Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Warhammer 40k: How to spend 4 hours in the ER or BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD

Yesterday, The Chaos Gods giveth.  My chaos dreads and Stormeagle arrived.  Nothing from the Chaos Gods comes without a price.  The Stormeagle has some issues with bent resin.  Not a problem.   Just requires time and patience.   

Yet, not all the Chaos Gods were happy with the minor issues.  Khorne required blood.  While working on the resin hull of the Stormeagle, there are three pieces of flash.  I used clippers but still needed to get some of it off.  How does one do that?  With a dremel (since it was at an odd angle that snips couldn't get).  But I had an x-acto knife in my hand.  Just cut the resin.  It's easy. 

It was easy.  I sliced the bit off and then cut my finger.  It bled like a stuck pig.  I cut two vessels and fractured my knuckle.  I spent 4 hours in the ER in the middle of the night. 

I make light of it now with my little joke about Chaos Gods and all that but what I did was boneheaded.  I should took the few minutes to get the right tool for the job.  Kiddies.  Be smart and be careful. 

I will say one thing.  The Stormeagle is gonna look great.

Lastly, below are links to the damage.  I didn't want to gross out anyone who might be squeamish.  The PA did a nice job but my career as a hand model is officially over.

Boo-Boo 1

Boo-Boo 2


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  2. How did you fracture your knuckle - how big was that x-acto blade o_O

    Ouch. He did a good job nice stitching.

    Oh well onto the painting surely brushes are safe?

    1. The combination of it being sharp and the force was enough. I guess if I can cut through the resin, the bone would take a beating. The PA made it seem like it wasn't too uncommon.

      I should be fine to paint. I mean what is the worse I can do with a brush? Stay tuned.

    2. Most of my army has some blood and sweat, and in the right combination or quantity of those, some tears, too.

  3. Its a damn shame about the hand model gig...

    1. I am sure the extra money from the hand modeling would have helped if GW decides to raise prices.