Thursday, April 19, 2012

Warmachine Journeyman League: Week 1 Wrap-up

Week 1 is in the books and it was fun.  I lost a lot but had a blast.  Learned a lot about what I can do and really like pDenny. She is much different then eSorscha (or even pSorscha).  Having Arc Nodes also help a lot.  I have to learn to hide away from my jacks.  Having them targeted by AOE is a big weakness that wa exploited when I followed the eSorscha route.

I will be missing the week 2 matches to take my kid to a school function BUT I will be painting up my week 2 addition and starting on week3.

Here are my matches (I apologize I didn't get the war casters or opponent's names):

Match 1 - Retribution - Win.  This was a venom, crippling grasp, and pDenny beating face win.  Venom killed him at the top of the round.
Match 2 - Mercs - Loss.  This was basically a round three beat down with me doing little.  Remember stealth only works when they cna't target the jack your hiding behind.
Match 3 - Cryx (Ben)/pGaspy - Loss.  Great match.  I thought I tide up his one Arc Node but he managed to kill the Deathripper I used and killed me.  Learned a lot about my caster and his.
Match 4 - Cygnar (Nate) - Loss.  All of the times I have made fun of Nate for doing blocking his charge lanes or something silly came back.  This was a round 2 kill at range.  Nate is a great player and as much as he enjoyed making me cry, you can tell that he felt bad about the beat down he gave me.

4 matches down and a lot of fun.

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