Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Warmachine Journeyman League: Week 1 Prep

This is the first week of the Dream Wizards Journeyman League.  pDenny is almost done.  I need to wash the armor and maybe a few highlights but she is painted in an acceptable manner.  My week one list is below:

Week 1 - 12 points
pDenny         - +5
  Deathripper - 4
  Deathripper - 4
  Slayer          - 6

The chickens are almost done.  They have some blighted gold that needs to be painted on and then some wash applied but they are done.  The Slayer is also almost done.  He has a few spots I missed in blighted gold and radiant platnium.  All need to have the errie green/yellow applied.

The Slayer had some scratches that mus have happened when I was drilling out the new spot for the magnets.  I was thinking of filing them down and repainting them.  Then looking at them it is in a nice spot and can be used to show damage.  Just need to mix up some rust. 

I will post some of the matches tomorrow and tell you what I think of the change in play styles.

Pics after the break
I tried some of the P3 Armor wash.  Not very impressed.  Back to Citadel for me. 

I used the P3 Armor Wash with brown ink. 

Citadel on the face, 

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