Sunday, April 29, 2012

Warhammer 40k: Change is coming (CSM and 6th Ed Rumors)

I have been pretty silent on many of the rumors these days.  Finding out that Black Templar weren't next kinda annoyed me.  Not that they weren't getting a new codex but that Games Workshop's policies go against normal business practises that it drives me crazy.  I digress.  I am here to talk about rumors that are going around.

Blood of Kittens started with a host of rumors.  The rumors are here but the site is running really slow.  Some notable rumors are:
  • A mechanical dragon (flyer)
  • They replaced the dreadnought (WTF?)
  • CSM and Cultists are the only troops
  • Cultist Marines are elites with named characters unlocking them as troops
  • Typhus makes cultists zombies
  • Deamons gone
  • Traitor Guard in
6th Ed
  • Not a big change from 5th (more rumors will come when they fix the server issues)
Now, Bell of Lost Souls has some different/clarifications here.  Here is the breakdown:
  • Dragon is a new unit (1 of 2)
  • Second new unit is a dreadknight
  • Dreadnought is there with a new name and new rules
  • Hardcover book available
6th Ed
  • Concepts from Warhammer magic taken into 6th
  • They have "Lore Equivalents"
  • Psychic powers will be random
  • New ways to construct armies (like fantasy)
  • FOC gone?
Part of me says many of these are fake.  Looking at some, you can see a lot of things from other Codices.  Elites unlocked as troops is similar to GK.  Zombies looks strange but were in the 2nd Horus Heresy book.  Traitor Guard are part of the fluff and FW makes models. 

The 6th Ed rules look strange but these rumors weren't anything new.  They were floating around for a while.  Just look like they are making a re-appearance.  I still believe that the leaked rules were legit.  I also liked them. 

All in all.  We have a month or two to determine what is up with 6th Ed.  Maybe 4 months till we know what is up with Chaos.  Next month is either the month of fliers or it's not.  I think if that comes through, it will give more cred to the BoK rumors.  Either way, I am prepping my Black Templar for NOVA and Blobs is up in the air.  I will need to see what is happening with 6th Ed. 

Have fun with the rumors all.

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