Thursday, April 12, 2012

Warhammer 40k Campaign: The most direct route

Ineptus Astartes is hosting a 40k campaign at GW: Columbia place.  Since the store is literally 4 miles from my house, I decided to sign up.  I figured I could get the games in on Sunday while my kids have school. Wednesday was the kickoff and I attended because the likely hood of battles during the initial planet strike was good. 

I debated taking one of the secluded drop sites.  Playing Black Templar, I said screw that and decided to land in the most direct route.  I picked one of the hexes that no one picked.  I then did my scout move and didn't get into a fight.  I then did my full move and didn't get into a fight. much for seeing any action. 

Not wanting to waste an evening, I played John.  He was one of the guys who didn't have a battle either.  He was an ork player and I have never played against orks.  The game was close.  I resigned at the end of round 4 since the store was closing and I was down by three.  It was only close because I had some lucky rolls.  I mostly rolled horrible.  It was rolls so bad I thought about leaving my dice there. 

I learned a lot and really need to play more before NOVA.  I will try to get some games against the guys at Beltway Gamers.  That way I can ask stupid questions and get some advice on how not to suck as bad.

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