Monday, April 30, 2012

Secret Weapon Miniatures: New Bases Released or I just bought a mess of new bases

Secret Weapon Miniatures just released their May bases today.  They have some nice release.  I bought a few to finish up my Cryx and to go ahead and prepare for the Chaos Space Marines/Legions. 

I bought these:

This is going to be for my Alpha Legion Storm Eagle.  I may not do any water effect.  I may keep it just the bones to keep with the theme of Legion.  These are the bodies of those that had to die in order for the mission to succeed. 

This will be for my Wraith Engine. 

These will be for my Chaos Space Marines
NOTE:  I took these images from the nice people at SWM.  I hope they don't make me take them down.  :)

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