Sunday, April 08, 2012

Hobby Updates: New Citadel Paints and Changing Color Schemes

Yesterday, the new line of Citadel paints came out. I think they are a nice start and have been messing with them the past day or so.  I have been trying different techniques and seeing what the proper paint:water ratio is on the different lines. 

I have also decided that I want to repaint the yellow on the marines.  I will keep the yellow on the vehicles the same but the troops will get some toned down yellow. Since I am trying different techniques, I probably won't know what I will keep until later tonight.  I will try to post pictures of the scheme. 

I am also working on a different combination for the Neophytes.  Yellow pants, black carapace and white pauldrons.  Might be a few weeks before they are done.

The reason for the delay is I will be working on the painting of my Cryx army for the Journeyman League.  That starts tomorrow.  I am actually pretty excited about it,  I have some ideas and will see what works.  I plan on using the airbrush a lot on the warmachines. 


  1. I'm going to have to try the new paints. I've still got some of the old, old paint with the flip top lids, and about half my colors are old Ral Partha paints. Nice for dry pushing and speed painting, but a little thick and dry.

    1. They are nice. The issue I am having is getting the right mixture of paint to water. The wet pallet has been helping a lot with it but the first few guys were looking a little rough.