Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Hobby Update: The Call

This has been a bad hobby week to start.  Monday was running around and prepping for my wife's birthday party.  Tuesday was said birthday party.  Today was said birthday. 

Now that isn't saying it will end that way.  Saturday is the release of the new paints from GW.  I have a few on order for my BT army. I also plan on purchasing some scouts and vindicators from a fellow Beltway Gamers saturday.  I also have to order the last two Razorbacks I need for the BT army. 

The issue is I hear the call of the Chaos army.  It is sitting looking all primed and waiting to come alive.  The one good thing is the fact that I want to wait to see what the next Codex is.  I don't want to start Chaos until I know they have a codex.  That gives me at least two weeks to wait before we know what's next. 

Starting Monday, I can begin painting for the Journeyman League at Dream Wizards.  I am breaking out my Cryx army that I have had for almost 6 months and working on them.  I am actually pretty excited.  I may also break out the Wraith Engine and paint that up.  I also ordered the rest of my Cryx army with the exception of two new, Nightmare and Malice.  They can wait till I decide what Chaos I need to buy.

Till then the call of Chaos will get ever so strong.

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