Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dream Wizards Warmachine Tournament - Wrap-up

I didn't get around to blogging the remaining rounds but I did well.  They are as follows:

Round 2 - Khador eIursk: It was a close one.  I set him up for the assassination during eSorscha's feat turn and failed to put him away.  Loss

Round 3 - Khador pVlad: This was a cheap victory.  I basically won due to time.  He almost tabled me but he couldn't win the scenario and took to long.  The DeathClock got him because he wasn't aggressive enough in the beginning. I also played Beast-09 horribly but made tough rolls. Win

Round 4 - Trollbloods ???: This was poor clock management on my part.  I almost tabled him but he was a great guy.  Win

I made a lot of mistakes.  The primary was not saying who was bound in all but one games.  The dice rolled poor the first half but were on fire the second.  I made 6th (I think) and walked away with some basing material for my prize.

The event was great and I had a blast.  Here are the few pics I took from the first game.

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