Friday, April 06, 2012

Confluence Crusade: When Motivation Strikes

Nothing to really show with this post.  I spent some time looking at the primed Chaos Marines and had to fight the urge.  I even originally selected them for a 40k campaign I am going to play in but decided against it for two fold.  The obvious is in the current mech heavy meta I don't have the vehicles needed and I also don't have any Oblitz.  I could rush out and buy some but why bother with 6th ed and the rumored Chaos codex around the corner.  If the meta changes, I just gave money to GW for the sake of running a list for a few weeks.

I went back to Black Templar for the campaign.  This had me staring at my marines and wonder what to do with them.  Then I decided to start pinning my Cryx models.  This spiraled into pinning my BT dread.  Then the final squad of Initiates.  The putting on pauldrons.  All in all I got a lot done. 

Tonight, I should prime the remaining models and start shading the Initiates.  Maybe, I can finish Captain Draco.  If all goes well, the army should be done by July.  June was the goal but the next 7 weeks will be devoted to Warmachine.  Then I can work on Chaos or some of the Forgeworld pieces I plan to order in the coming weeks.  Looking forward to it.

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