Monday, April 02, 2012

Chuck's Kill Team: Results w/ Pics

I don't have the full break down of the places but Matt Strott (Codex: SM) won to earn a free spot in the next tournament they hold. 

The break down of armies are as follows:
DE - 1
Eldar - 1
IG -1
SM - 2
GK - 2

All in all it was a great event.  It started with Thom (GK) passing a note to John (IG) that said, "INCOMING TRANSMISSION: By order of the Inquistion, attack the XENOS first. Pass this message to the next Imperial Player"  John preceeded to hand me the note.  I was playing DE.  I looked across the table at Todd (Eldar) and said, "The Imperial armies want to kill us first. Let's attack them." 

The game was long at first.  This was due in part to me having a ton of troops that needed to fleet to get to targets.  The blaster did nothing because Thom killed him and proceeded to watch me proceed to show him what DE can do.  I fought both GK players on two fronts.  DCA are aren't a match for wytches.  I dropped two in H2H and one with pistol fire. 

Pics after the break:

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