Monday, April 30, 2012

Secret Weapon Miniatures: New Bases Released or I just bought a mess of new bases

Secret Weapon Miniatures just released their May bases today.  They have some nice release.  I bought a few to finish up my Cryx and to go ahead and prepare for the Chaos Space Marines/Legions. 

I bought these:

This is going to be for my Alpha Legion Storm Eagle.  I may not do any water effect.  I may keep it just the bones to keep with the theme of Legion.  These are the bodies of those that had to die in order for the mission to succeed. 

This will be for my Wraith Engine. 

These will be for my Chaos Space Marines
NOTE:  I took these images from the nice people at SWM.  I hope they don't make me take them down.  :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Warmachine Journeyman: Death's Cold Grasp

Finished these two today.  Not 100% satisfied with them and I made a few mistakes but they do look kinda cool.  Onto my Warwitch Sirens.

Secret Weapon Bases: May Preview

I have used two primary comanies for my bases, Dragon Forge and Secret Weapon.  I like both for different reasons.  Secret Weapon keeps putting out bases like this and I look at the bases I made and think of ripping them all out.  I see a few bases that would look great on my Black Templar army.  I see a lot more for the new Chaos army I have. 

I will be buying a large Bone Fields base for my Wraith Engine and I will get a base for my Storm Eagle and Decimator Engine.   I can see dropping bank on these but they are really nice. 

Warhammer 40k: Change is coming (CSM and 6th Ed Rumors)

I have been pretty silent on many of the rumors these days.  Finding out that Black Templar weren't next kinda annoyed me.  Not that they weren't getting a new codex but that Games Workshop's policies go against normal business practises that it drives me crazy.  I digress.  I am here to talk about rumors that are going around.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Warmachine Journeyman: Dance with Death

“You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everybody dances with the Grim Reaper.”

 Robert Alton Harris
While I didn't play this week, I did actually get some work started.  I began working on my pistol wraiths.  I saw a few pictures on the web with the fabric or whatever it's supposed to be have an ethereal look to it. I went with that on the pics below. 

They are still wet from the glaze I added to bring the colors together.  I started with a base of Citadel Foundation Knarloc Green.  I then went to P3 Necrotic Green.  I then added a small yellow highlight using P3 Necrotic Green and Citadel Sunburts Yellow (I know they are the old paints but they were on hand).  I finished it with Citadel Waywatcher Green.

When I do a little more I will post better pictures.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Warmachine Journeyman: Week 2 Progress and Kicking it Old School

I finished painting the Cryx Battle Box.  I can say I learned a lot and still need to learn more about painting.  Some things I did perfect and somethings...not so much.  The first thing I realized is Com-Art paint should be sealed before really messing with glazes.  Messed up a few spots because the paint decided to come off. 

Second is I love the new GW glazes.  Gave the look I was going for. 

More after the break...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beltway Gamers: Warhammer 40k Tournament - Summer Showdown

This is a 40k Tournament run by Beltway Gamers.  If this is run anything like the Warmachine one, it will be a great event.  This will probably be the last small tournament in the DC area before NOVA.  I plan to use this as a tune up before Nova.  They are a 1/3 filled up and they just announced it.  Get in before all the slots are gone!
Warhammer 40k Tournament - Summer Showdown
Saturday, June 9, 2012
Dream Wizards 301-881-3530
11772 Parklawn Drive Rockville MD 20852 (map)
Beltway Gamers Summer Showndown 40k Tournament
40k Tournament: 2000 Point. Details and Timetable TBA:
10am Sign In
24 Slots Available
$20 Entry Fee to cover prize support
Prize support: Gift Certificates, Product, additional items TBA.
Pre Registration is strongly recommended. Please visit www.Beltway-Gamers .com to register for the event under thread of the same title. Questions can be sent via PM on that site to Psybilliah.
Pre Registration List: PAYPAL or Cash Payment is due in order to secure your space for this event.

Warmachine Journeyman League: Week 1 Wrap-up

Week 1 is in the books and it was fun.  I lost a lot but had a blast.  Learned a lot about what I can do and really like pDenny. She is much different then eSorscha (or even pSorscha).  Having Arc Nodes also help a lot.  I have to learn to hide away from my jacks.  Having them targeted by AOE is a big weakness that wa exploited when I followed the eSorscha route.

I will be missing the week 2 matches to take my kid to a school function BUT I will be painting up my week 2 addition and starting on week3.

Here are my matches (I apologize I didn't get the war casters or opponent's names):

Match 1 - Retribution - Win.  This was a venom, crippling grasp, and pDenny beating face win.  Venom killed him at the top of the round.
Match 2 - Mercs - Loss.  This was basically a round three beat down with me doing little.  Remember stealth only works when they cna't target the jack your hiding behind.
Match 3 - Cryx (Ben)/pGaspy - Loss.  Great match.  I thought I tide up his one Arc Node but he managed to kill the Deathripper I used and killed me.  Learned a lot about my caster and his.
Match 4 - Cygnar (Nate) - Loss.  All of the times I have made fun of Nate for doing blocking his charge lanes or something silly came back.  This was a round 2 kill at range.  Nate is a great player and as much as he enjoyed making me cry, you can tell that he felt bad about the beat down he gave me.

4 matches down and a lot of fun.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Warmachine Journeyman League: Week 1 Prep

This is the first week of the Dream Wizards Journeyman League.  pDenny is almost done.  I need to wash the armor and maybe a few highlights but she is painted in an acceptable manner.  My week one list is below:

Week 1 - 12 points
pDenny         - +5
  Deathripper - 4
  Deathripper - 4
  Slayer          - 6

The chickens are almost done.  They have some blighted gold that needs to be painted on and then some wash applied but they are done.  The Slayer is also almost done.  He has a few spots I missed in blighted gold and radiant platnium.  All need to have the errie green/yellow applied.

The Slayer had some scratches that mus have happened when I was drilling out the new spot for the magnets.  I was thinking of filing them down and repainting them.  Then looking at them it is in a nice spot and can be used to show damage.  Just need to mix up some rust. 

I will post some of the matches tomorrow and tell you what I think of the change in play styles.

Pics after the break

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dream Wizards Warmachine Tournament - Wrap-up

I didn't get around to blogging the remaining rounds but I did well.  They are as follows:

Round 2 - Khador eIursk: It was a close one.  I set him up for the assassination during eSorscha's feat turn and failed to put him away.  Loss

Round 3 - Khador pVlad: This was a cheap victory.  I basically won due to time.  He almost tabled me but he couldn't win the scenario and took to long.  The DeathClock got him because he wasn't aggressive enough in the beginning. I also played Beast-09 horribly but made tough rolls. Win

Round 4 - Trollbloods ???: This was poor clock management on my part.  I almost tabled him but he was a great guy.  Win

I made a lot of mistakes.  The primary was not saying who was bound in all but one games.  The dice rolled poor the first half but were on fire the second.  I made 6th (I think) and walked away with some basing material for my prize.

The event was great and I had a blast.  Here are the few pics I took from the first game.

Dream Wizards Warmachine Tournament - Round 1

Round 1 is done. It's a loss. Cane down to one point and I whiffed. Great game though. Made a few rookie mistakes that helped me lose.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Warmachine Journeyman: Progress Report

I managed to get pDenny to an acceptable point.  Unfortunately, I packed her away to ask Nate for advice and didn't take any pics.  I will get some tomorrow.

I got enough of my Warjacks done to get them on bases.  I also got a bunch more small bases set for the slime treatment.  Pics of everything after the break.

Warmachine: First Tournament

Tomorrow DW is having a Warmachine tournament run by the Beltway Gamers.  It's my first and I have two Sorscha lists I can run.  I don't think I will do well.  Even though I have been playing for a few months, I still consider myself learning.  Unless I play Nate each game and he decides to block all of his own charge lanes. 

I will post some of the results as I play.  Knowing my luck I will get Everblight in round 1. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Warmachine Journeyman: Smurf Attack

I don't have my iPhone to take a picture but I decided to try the blue glaze I had purchased from GW.  It is designed to bring the colors together.  Since I did pDenny's flesh pale blue with red and purple to give her the suffocated look, I decided to try the glaze.  That little voice in my head said, "Do a small spot." 

I replied, "Stupid brain." 

I looked at my work and cursed.  She is smurf blue.  I don't think she is ruined.  I can just wait for it to dry and either redo her flesh or try to dry blush a lighter color to tone down everything.  Maybe I can channel Bob Ross and just have a happy little mistake. 

Warhammer 40k Campaign: The most direct route

Ineptus Astartes is hosting a 40k campaign at GW: Columbia place.  Since the store is literally 4 miles from my house, I decided to sign up.  I figured I could get the games in on Sunday while my kids have school. Wednesday was the kickoff and I attended because the likely hood of battles during the initial planet strike was good. 

I debated taking one of the secluded drop sites.  Playing Black Templar, I said screw that and decided to land in the most direct route.  I picked one of the hexes that no one picked.  I then did my scout move and didn't get into a fight.  I then did my full move and didn't get into a fight. much for seeing any action. 

Not wanting to waste an evening, I played John.  He was one of the guys who didn't have a battle either.  He was an ork player and I have never played against orks.  The game was close.  I resigned at the end of round 4 since the store was closing and I was down by three.  It was only close because I had some lucky rolls.  I mostly rolled horrible.  It was rolls so bad I thought about leaving my dice there. 

I learned a lot and really need to play more before NOVA.  I will try to get some games against the guys at Beltway Gamers.  That way I can ask stupid questions and get some advice on how not to suck as bad.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Warmachine Journeyman: Evil Dead Girl...

I took the advice from one of the great painters at Dreamwizards and added some red and purple to give pDenny the suffocated look.  I think it is almost there.  It is getting better.  I added some black metal to her armor, changed the staff, added some gold and a few highlights.  I need to highlight her skirt and then add some of the glow effect.  I did put her on a base to see how she looked. What do you think?

Monday, April 09, 2012

Warmachine: Journeyman League

Today is the day that I can start painting.  I finished up primingn and pinning pDenny last night and I am set for a week of painting my 12 points.  That will get me past the first two weeks.  I have the rest of my army on the way.

What I started with.  This is what is in the battle box.
 More pics after the break.

Warmachine: Release the Kraken

I can't wait!

Here is the link to the new rules as well.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Hobby Updates: New Citadel Paints and Changing Color Schemes

Yesterday, the new line of Citadel paints came out. I think they are a nice start and have been messing with them the past day or so.  I have been trying different techniques and seeing what the proper paint:water ratio is on the different lines. 

I have also decided that I want to repaint the yellow on the marines.  I will keep the yellow on the vehicles the same but the troops will get some toned down yellow. Since I am trying different techniques, I probably won't know what I will keep until later tonight.  I will try to post pictures of the scheme. 

I am also working on a different combination for the Neophytes.  Yellow pants, black carapace and white pauldrons.  Might be a few weeks before they are done.

The reason for the delay is I will be working on the painting of my Cryx army for the Journeyman League.  That starts tomorrow.  I am actually pretty excited about it,  I have some ideas and will see what works.  I plan on using the airbrush a lot on the warmachines. 

Friday, April 06, 2012

Forge World: Storm Eagle Movie

I am purchasing one in two weeks.  They are just too good looking. 

I don't know if I will make it for my BT or Chaos army.  BT would be cool but an Alpha Legion one would be excellent.

Confluence Crusade: When Motivation Strikes

Nothing to really show with this post.  I spent some time looking at the primed Chaos Marines and had to fight the urge.  I even originally selected them for a 40k campaign I am going to play in but decided against it for two fold.  The obvious is in the current mech heavy meta I don't have the vehicles needed and I also don't have any Oblitz.  I could rush out and buy some but why bother with 6th ed and the rumored Chaos codex around the corner.  If the meta changes, I just gave money to GW for the sake of running a list for a few weeks.

I went back to Black Templar for the campaign.  This had me staring at my marines and wonder what to do with them.  Then I decided to start pinning my Cryx models.  This spiraled into pinning my BT dread.  Then the final squad of Initiates.  The putting on pauldrons.  All in all I got a lot done. 

Tonight, I should prime the remaining models and start shading the Initiates.  Maybe, I can finish Captain Draco.  If all goes well, the army should be done by July.  June was the goal but the next 7 weeks will be devoted to Warmachine.  Then I can work on Chaos or some of the Forgeworld pieces I plan to order in the coming weeks.  Looking forward to it.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Hobby Update: The Call

This has been a bad hobby week to start.  Monday was running around and prepping for my wife's birthday party.  Tuesday was said birthday party.  Today was said birthday. 

Now that isn't saying it will end that way.  Saturday is the release of the new paints from GW.  I have a few on order for my BT army. I also plan on purchasing some scouts and vindicators from a fellow Beltway Gamers saturday.  I also have to order the last two Razorbacks I need for the BT army. 

The issue is I hear the call of the Chaos army.  It is sitting looking all primed and waiting to come alive.  The one good thing is the fact that I want to wait to see what the next Codex is.  I don't want to start Chaos until I know they have a codex.  That gives me at least two weeks to wait before we know what's next. 

Starting Monday, I can begin painting for the Journeyman League at Dream Wizards.  I am breaking out my Cryx army that I have had for almost 6 months and working on them.  I am actually pretty excited.  I may also break out the Wraith Engine and paint that up.  I also ordered the rest of my Cryx army with the exception of two new, Nightmare and Malice.  They can wait till I decide what Chaos I need to buy.

Till then the call of Chaos will get ever so strong.

Monday, April 02, 2012

The Chaos Gods are Pleased

Yesterday, after the Kill Team, I met with one of the long time players who were parting with his Chaos Space Marines. I sold my remaining Necrons and GK pieces to Thom.  That basical paid for this purchase.  I normally hate buying painted models because the paint schemes are not what I would normally pic.  This was somewhat different. 

The bulk are unpainted.  Only 5 plague marines are painted in a way I really don't like.  He started painting the some of the newer plague marines in Death Guard color.  They look cool.  The other pieces are painted extremely well. 

After I got them home, the wife then allowed me to purchase my ticket to GamesDay.  I guess the Chaos Gods liked the purchase.  Pics after the break.

Chuck's Kill Team: Results w/ Pics

I don't have the full break down of the places but Matt Strott (Codex: SM) won to earn a free spot in the next tournament they hold. 

The break down of armies are as follows:
DE - 1
Eldar - 1
IG -1
SM - 2
GK - 2

All in all it was a great event.  It started with Thom (GK) passing a note to John (IG) that said, "INCOMING TRANSMISSION: By order of the Inquistion, attack the XENOS first. Pass this message to the next Imperial Player"  John preceeded to hand me the note.  I was playing DE.  I looked across the table at Todd (Eldar) and said, "The Imperial armies want to kill us first. Let's attack them." 

The game was long at first.  This was due in part to me having a ton of troops that needed to fleet to get to targets.  The blaster did nothing because Thom killed him and proceeded to watch me proceed to show him what DE can do.  I fought both GK players on two fronts.  DCA are aren't a match for wytches.  I dropped two in H2H and one with pistol fire. 

Pics after the break: