Sunday, March 04, 2012

Warmachine: Demo Day at Chuck's Comics and Beauty and the Beast-09

I went out to support my friend's comic store, Chuck's Comics, during their Warmachine demo.  Despite falling ill to a stomach virus, I was able to make it out and get a game in.  The store was pretty packed and Privateer Press was busy all the time.

I played against Retribution of Scyrah using Ravyn.  The battle was the standard move, move, and attack.  I successfully killed a few of his troops in round two.  His round two was pretty brutal.  He engaged Lady Aiyana & Master Holt and killed Aiyanna.  He then began to pick on poor Beast-09.

Beast was disrupted by his eEiryss and then his troops began hammering away at him.  Successfully taking out his left arm and move.  That would have been bad except that Beast-09 can move toward whoever made him take damage.  Made it very easy to walk over to his caster.  

My eEiryss hit the caster for 1 and removed all focus.  eSorscha popped her feat and lit him up for 4x2 damage.  Beast was up and scored a hit on the caster.  He was dice +3 and I roll boxcars.  The elves see a fine red mist where their caster was standing. My WGI did nothing but move.  Spriggan took some fire.  But it was Beauty and the Beast-09 that won the day. 

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