Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Warmachine: Dealing with Beast-09

Today we are going to take a break and cover my favorite warmachine, Beast-09.  He is literally a beast.  With Murderous available to him, he is a bane to infantry and often found breaking up deathstars.  His POW 19 axe with a critical freeze and Thresher makes him a caster killer if he gets within range.  This is easy since the axe has reach.  He also has hyper aggression.  This allow Beast-09 to make a full advance toward a model that has just damaged him. 

How do you deal with him...

I run beast with eSorscha mostly.  This makes him deadly on her feat turn.  This was recently demonstrated on a new player at Chuck's Comics when he began shooting up Beast and ended up losing the top of my turn.   He was playing Retribution and running Ravyn.  He positioned Ravyn at the end of a line of infantry.  This was his big mistake.  Casters should always be screened.  Now I say this because it worked out in my favor.  I was playing rather loose with eSorscha and had to spend focus to move her in range twice few times. 

He started his turn by using eEiryss to disrupt beast and managed to roll nice for damage.  This was a great move because he just prevented me from activating Murderous and receiving focus.

He then used everyone else to light up Beast-09.  As I noticed his boxes disappearing, I began to use Hyper Aggression.  Now, there is a right way to use it and a bad way.  The bad way (which I did my second game playing WM) is to use it to move away from your target.  This is why you want to shoot him with units that are away from targets of interest.  Have those Marksmen sitting on the opposite end of the board target him.  Don't have troops in front or near your Warcaster hit him.  This will cause him to move closer and closer.  

I moved 8" and even though I was badly damaged I was within walking range to my target.  I popped eSorscha's feat and if you only count the damage inflected by Beast-09 on his axe swing the case was toast.  I scored 15 over ARM.  This hit him for 30 points of damage.  

We went over one of the ways of dealing with him.  Not shooting at him or limiting who can shoot.  The other is engaging him.  He can be tied up like any other jack.  Murderous only works against living targets.  While Warbeasts have to worry, metal steam powered machines don't.  If possible, sacrificing a medium jack to tie up the axe will buy even more time.  Weapon locks suck.  

Remember that Thresher will hit all targets.  This is a blessing and a curse.  If Beast-09 is tied up near your infantry, it will be used to hit everything.  If he gets tied up near his troops (maybe because they are in melee as well), Thresher may be more harmful.  It should be noted that I once used it knowing that I would kill my guys but take out more of his.  They are meaningless pawns in the larger scale.  

Shoot him from a distance.  Wait...I know I said don't shoot him but combined arms make that too tempting.  That and he would only make a move or two depending how you did it.  You could seriously put a hurt on him.  Just remember to not be by a target that will set Beast-09 in motion.  

Disrupting him works and stops his Murderous but there is always Boundless Charge.  If his movement systems are not damaged, he can still charge without focus if the caster uses this.  I would have used it in my battle but his movement was damaged at the end of the round.

Beast-09 is a great model but rather costly.  If you can negate him, you have taken up a big portion of an opponents army. 

Hope you all enjoyed this.  


  1. Good write up! I will never again let your Beast kill 4 gators and a gladiator in a single round!!!!

  2. I have a feeling the time we started and the amount of waiting around led to many mistakes on both sides of the table.

    I don't think you would allow Beast to walk over and play whack-a-gator if you had your head in the game.