Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Warhammer 40k: Games, Hobby and Draco WIP

I am preparing for a few games this weekend.  I may be playing a BWG member at the Bowie Battle Bunker;  Demons versus Black Templar.  Then Matt is coming over Sunday for a little Salamanders versus Black Templar.  Both should be good games.

I am still rather annoyed at the GW increase on the paints.  The glue going up wasn't much of an issue.  The paint going up is insane.  62% is a hell of a jump compared to your competition that is already cheaper.  Is GW that out of touch?  I don't need their paint to make a model.  Paint is probably the only thing I buy at GW.  I guess not any longer. 

I tried to get the sword done on Draco and failed.  I had to re-prime it with P3 because the Vallejo really hated the metal.  To it's defense it does not list metal as acceptable medium.  Oh well. I will work on it tomorrow and hopefully have better luck.  


  1. Im just going to use magic markers from now on!
    on a side note, gonna go to bunker of Friday around 7 if your around

  2. Maybe GW can make markers next. $30 for markers that dry out in a week.

    I would love to get a beat down by you but I was gone for a few days and the wife is allowing one of the guys to come over Sunday for a game. Rain Check?