Thursday, March 08, 2012

USPS is Useless and Other Life Factors

I decided to order a new brush.  I needed a new one and wanted a Winsor & Newton Series 7 size 2/0.  It was on sale from an Amazon vendor.  They shipped it in a flat cardboard envelope.  Needless to say that it was destroyed.

I contacted the vendor and they asked for photos and then sent a new one.  It arrived yesterday or that is what USPS says.  I live in a fairly safe neighborhood.  I have seem boxes from Amazon sit for days without being touched.  My mailman usually comes, rings the bell and drops the package off.  This sets the dogs off which alert everyone.  My mother-in-law saw no one and was there all day.  When USPS said it was delivered, the house would have been packed while waiting for my youngest to come home.

I am hoping that I will come home and it will be waiting.  I did order a back up brush from Bad Dad Gaming.  He is a local gamer that makes a sweet two-ended brush.  I say sweet because the reviews have been good.  I will do a review of the brush and my poor attempt at two brush blending.

Until my brush issues get fixed I guess I will just work on the vehicles I started on and maybe finish up those Cryx bases.

I did play two games of 40k.  One against "TheMik" from BWG and another against Justin (new guy at the store).

"TheMik" played Eldar and was a great opponent.  I hit all of his vehicles and my luck with Eldar held out.  I either rolled crappy or he made saves.  The fight was nice but I also noticed I brought a few more points so I also let him assume he equipped his guys whatever way he wanted because his Mac ran out of juice.  In the end, he won 1-0 on objectives. 

Justin was a Tyranid player and a new 40k player.  I was his second or third player.  He was very happy to play but hated the fact that marines weapons basically didn't let most of the nids roll saves.  The nids AP sucks.  I know this from being a recovering nids player.  The game was called because of time (Don't want to anger the wife).  I was up on points but he was doing very well.

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