Friday, March 16, 2012

Up and Running and a Busy Season

Well...the part from my airbrush came in and all is working as expected.  The one thing I don't like about the badge is that it is nearly impossible to tighten properly. 

I managed to get some of the gold trim done on Captain Draco.  Gonna work on the black again tonight and drop a layer of varnish on him before shading and adding other details.

It also looks like it will be busy season.  Dream Wizards and Beltway Gamers has a mess of events.  War-Torn Alliances Season Two and a Journeymen League plus not one but two tournaments, a 35 point Mega Mangled Metal and a 35 point Steamroller.

Chuck's Comics is planning to show off their expanding gaming offering with a Kill Team April 1st and then a Journeymen League in May after they expand the game room.

I know for DW I will be working on my Cryx army.  I have almost all of the pieces and just need to buy some Bane Knights.  I then need to find time to assemble and paint everything for this.  I am good the first week with assembling.  I have the battle box assembled but that is about it.  I need to finish up all of the bases and then I can start painting when Nate gives the go.  I will begin showing off the work here. 

For Chuck's, it's a different story.  I have to play because they have been good to me and you should always support local.  I like to make a Hordes army but money is going to be tight with Games Day and buy stuff for NOVA.  I may just find what army I can build that has the least amount of models.  Or I can always make another caster in my existing army.  I have the Cryx Battle Engine in a box and wouldn't mind having an army that could work with that could use it.  Who knows...

I need more free time...

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