Saturday, March 10, 2012

Road to Nova: Black Templars vs. Blood Angels - Final

I won't speak too much of the match because it wasn't much of one. I won but not due to my tactical acumen or because some other great moment that turned the game.  I won due to luck.  I know luck plays a big part in this but I wasn't lucky.  Todd was extremely unlucky.

He wasn't himself most of the match.  He misplaced his tape measure and knew he had it .  I have been there and done that.  Then came his dice rolls.  They were crappy.  While he took out a Razorback, a squad of initiates and destroyed the weapon on another Razorback, he was failing saves and wounds left and right.  He failed to save and a Feel No Pain when I blew up his Predator.  He scored a bunch of hits with his Sanquin(sp?) Guard on an Initiate squad but didn't wound on the meltas.  I made my saves.

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This is not the game you want to say you won. This is the game you need to look at what you did wrong in order to approve because Todd will want a rematch and luck won't always fix bad errors on your part.

What I Did Right
Good Coverage: I had my troops on the flanks and center in order to go for objectives.  My Fire lanes were well defended

What I Did Wrong
Leaving a transport in the middle of no where: For some reason I decided to leave my Razorback on my right flank.  This caused me to lose that squad.

Terminators on the right flank not placed well: I should have placed them on the ground floor to assault and tie up the Death Company squad

Left too much room for troops to deep strike: I knew the list he was going to play but I left table room behind me when he reserved everything.  Bad move.  Only thing that saved me was Todd forgetting how troops deploy with deep strike.  He won't make that mistake again.

Final Thoughts
I need more practice in the Nova format and play in general.  It was round three when Todd bowed out.  He still had a host of troops to bring in.  He could have held two objectives and contested my two.  The most I could have done was own one.  If I was exceptionally lucky, I could clear him off of two and hope to have troops there but that was not very lucky.

I see this list as having issues against mass of troops.  I am beginning to see why Laeroth went with two Vindicators /w PoTMS.  Dinner plates.

 I would have like to finish it despite the fact I would have lost.  I think it would have taught me more about the NOVA play style and ways to tweak the list. 


Here are some pics:


Deployment and SincaiN40K looking for the tape measure



Round 1

Round 1

Round 1

Round 1 - SincaiN40K

SincaiN40K Sucks at Painting - J/K

Round 2 - SincaiN40K

Round 2 - SincaiN40k


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