Thursday, March 08, 2012

Road to Nova: Black Templars vs. Blood Angels: Initial Planning

In my prep for NOVA, I am playing Todd (SincaiN40K). I was expecting either Eldar or IG since I told Todd those were the two I wanted to see.  I figured that since he knew I was playing Eldar earlier in the week he would do IG.  Nope.  I saw him Tuesday and he said, "I have a Blood Angels list I am going to run that is similar to the ones you'll see at NOVA."  Great...

My guess is he will make something similar to DoA.  I know he doesn't like playing that type of list but I think it will be somewhat like that.  I also think he will drop his Death Company into the game since he just painted them and the last two times he used them I know it was killing him because they were just primer.  He has to be all painted (but he does a kick ass job). 

We decided to do a NOVA 2011 primer since the 2012 aren't out.  We are choosing primer mission 2.  Mission goals are: Objectives, Kill Points, and Quarters.  We will be in a Pitched Battle deployment.

The advantage is with Todd on this one.  He knows BA inside and out and can make a mean list.  Being a "Abhor the Witch" build, I am dead in hand to hand.  If I can get initiative and/or get lucky rolls to pop his transports, it could make the game even.

The other disadvantage I have is that in this match and most of the future ones my opponents will know what I am playing.  I will not be able to tailor it to meet my opponent.  It has to be the list I plan to take to NOVA at that point.

All things said and done, this will be a fun game.  Playing Todd usually is.  That is unless the dice hates him and then children are pelted by the dice that have failed him.  True story, bro!

Blood Angels, Over-Powered Codex Creep!


  1. Todd was wrecking shop against me one game (even with his poor rolls) and he smashed his dice with a hammer.

  2. He played against my Vulcan list and the game was going poorly and his rolls were failing left and right. I mean "he rolled a 1 after penning the Land Raider and then Vulcan made all his attack rolls and he made no saves" bad.

    He threw some of his dice out of his garage and you hear a kid scream. :)

  3. I try .. at first I thought it was my dice but it appears its me 8( .. I'm just cursed when it comes to rolling haha.. and Friday night my OCD caused the launching of 2 more .. and that kid deserved it ! ..

    I didn't know you wanted me to play Eldar or IG .. I must have either forgot or didn't hear you. Next time I'll rock the guard. Right now I'm almost done with the Sang guard.. they always fail me 8(... oh well.