Sunday, March 25, 2012

Road to NOVA: Black Templar vs Sons of Nocturn (Salamaders) After Action Report

Matt came over and we had a little game using last years NOVA Open primer.  We decided to do a random on a D3 and Matt rolled a two. 

Mission: Annihilation
Goal Priority: Kill Points (Primary), Quarters (Secondary), Objectives (Tertiary)
Deployment: Dawn of War/Night Fighting

Matt won the roll off and defers. 

Round One: Black Templar Turn

Three Razorbacks w/Squads, three speeders, one squad of CML Terminators, and Emperor's Champion on the right flank

Two Vindicators, one Razorback w/squads, and one squad of CML Terminators
I should have went for the middle or castled up.  I divided my force to see where he was going to deploy.

Round One: Sons of Nocturne

Drop pod w/Melta/Flamer Dread lands perfectly

Matt finished deploying bulk of his forces.

Devastators on the left flank
Matt did a great job with the drop pod.  His shooting is almost non existence in the first turn.  He pops a Vindicator.

End of Round One: SoN - 1 BT - 0

Round Two: Black Templar

I castle with the Vindicator and manage to destroy the dreads melta

CML take out a Razorback
The Vindicator does something as does a CML terminator.  The rest of my fire was non-existent.

Round Two: Sons of Nocturne

Dread assaults and does nothing

Matt moves up and manages to kill a terminator.  I do a zeal move toward him. 
Matt managed to get a reserve roll and brings in his speeder but he hides it.  He should have been more aggressive.  He managed to destroy a typhoon off one of the speeders. 

End of Round Two: SoN - 1 BT - 1

Round Three: Black Templar

This round my dice do a little bit more.  I immobilize and destroy a weapon off the Razorback.  I try top assault the LR but fail.  I make the devastators run off the board. 

Round Three: Sons of Nocturne

Matt decides to tank shock my terminators.  Yeah, the ones with Tank Hunter. I decide to have the Chainfist do a "Death or Glory".  I roll and glance.  I then roll a 6 on the damage chart and immobilize the LR.  Vulcan gets out and isn't happy.  His assault marines gets out as well and the terminators must have used all of their luck because they roll ones on all saves.  His speeder runs behind cover flat out.  The Vindicator takes it in the rear.  He knocks off the missiles off of another speeder.

End of Round Three: SoN - 3 BT - 2

Round Four: Black Templar

I roll a little better and pop a Razorback and manage to make some guys run.  Minor damage to his squads.  I decided to get ballsie and jump out of a Razorback and take the dread head on.

Round Four: Sons of Nocturne

He manages to get the speeder in melta range and takes out my empty Razorback.  He then makes my squad flee his dead. 

End of Round One: SoN - 5 BT - 5

Round 5: Black Templar

I manage to take out the speeder but the rest of my fire is poor.  Not a good round for me at all.

Round 5: Sons of Nocturne

He gets his drop pod down and takes out the EC.  He also kills my other CML squad.

End of Round Five: SoN - 7 BT - 6
Round 6: Black Templar 

This is the round.  I drop out a squad and take on the Sternguard making them flee off the board after the assault.  I also destroy the drop pod.  I also have a squad fire at his terminators and Vulcan for no reason.  I also move to capture an objective with a squad.  I forget to consolidate and claim another objective.

Round 6: Sons of Nocturne

Due to another bad move Matt is able to assault the squad out of it's transport.  He fires at the speeders doing nothing.

 End of Round Six: SoN - 8 BT - 8

Matt rolls a 2 and the game ends.

Kill Points: SoN - 8 / BT - 8
Quarter:   SoN - 2 / BT - 2
Objectives: SoN - 0 / BT - 1

Victory: Black Templar

It was a good game.  I made a few bad moves and Matt made a lot of good decisions.  The dice were very cold for both of us.  I couldn't make an armor save and he couldn't make a moral check.  I learned a lot and had a great time.


  1. It was a lot of fun and I feel like I'm getting better. I felt like I earned the tie I didn't earn last time we fought... thanks for the great game ans another lesson in 40k Warfare.

  2. Yep. Plus you played the NOVA rules really well. You almost had a tie on all scenarios. I was just lucky to get that Razorback up the hill. Great game. See you Sunday.

  3. Sounds like a SuperBowl rematch, the Steelers edging out the SeaHawks!