Friday, March 23, 2012

Road to NOVA: Black Templar vs. Sons of Nocturn (Slamanders)

My fight against demons was cancelled due to the player getting lucky and scoring some hockey tickets.  That leaves my Sunday game against Matt and his Salamanders.  Matt is a new player that is a tremendous painter and can convert a paper clip and a dixie cup into a Landraider.

Since he is very much in the learning phase, this will be a laid back game where we discuss strategies and what works and what doesn't.  I will be trying a new list to see how it works against Vulcan.  I'll have a bat rep up after the game. 


  1. Thanks man. I hope your battle report paints me in as good light as the pre-game! I'm excited to play. I got the Sternguard painted up...have to do some lining today and the clear coat, paint the base tomorrow morning and I'm done! Looking forward to fielding them.

    I'll shoot you an email after I make my army list to let you know what models I may need to borrow.

    1. It will be fun. I'll have Catain Draco tabletop ready. He won't be finished but he won't look bad. I did a lot of work on him last night. I just need to finish his power sword and