Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Road to Games Day: Uggghhhh...

Last year I told Todd (SincaiN40K) that I would go to Games Day.  Besides me wishing that it was still in Baltimore, I am generally excited.  I plan on waiting in the line from Hell to buy some Forgeworld stuff.  I will do all of the model building stuff to get free scenery, minis and anything else.  Mainly, I am in it to cheer Todd along with his entry into the Golden Demon.

Faeit 212 has posted a rumor on Games Day here but I think this is for the UK Games Day since tickets are on sale currently.  The "Uggghhh" issue with me is the fact that it costs so much to fly out there. I am going to fly out there and I will have fun.  I just wish it wasn't so damn expensive. 

I do want to see what they are doing for 6th since the rumor is it will drop on the 7th.  Be interesting. 

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