Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kill Team: Chuck's Comics 1st Kill Team Event

The event looks pretty good.  A lot of people have signed up and a few more maybes.  Todd has went out of his way with setting the mood. 

I have went ahead a got my army ready.  It's below:

Cabal of the Merciful Release

10 Kabalite Warriors - 1 x Blaster, 1 x Splinter Cannon

6 Wytches - 1 x Hekatrix, 1 x Hydra Gauntlets

The big issue is this is an everyman for himself battle.  Unit rules don't apply.  The Blaster is ok range with a S8 AP1 hit.  It is a MEQ killer.  The issue is he only saves on a 5+.  The Splinter Cannon is just for messing someone up.  There are no multi wound models so this is there to make sure something bleeds to death.

The wytches are designed to get into CC whenever possible.  I took a Hydra Gauntlet of Shardnet and Impaler since I can't attack a unit.  They need to stay in cover and only engage when they need to.

All in all I am mixed on this.  I was going to go with an all bike list but I wasn't too sure about the terrain layout. 

I will take pics of my guys and the layout before hand.  I will probably do some video of the event.

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