Thursday, March 22, 2012

GW Paints: Time to Eat Crow or Was GW Accidently Showing Off New Prices?

One of the guys from Chuck's Comics pointed out the pricing is 3.70 on the paints and liquid green stuff.  I am not at my desktop and can't check that I haven't screwed up somewhere along the line (like saying I live in Australia).  Damn me for not taking a screenshot.  Hopefully, I screwed up and it wasn't just GW accidentally releasing the new prices.

The main difference was that the items I saw were the actual pots and not the color swatches.  The color swatches are there now.  If GW did accident show off new prices, were they just for the old pots?  I guess we will find out this weekend. Unless I can get Battle Bunker to tell me tomorrow.

I sure hope I was wrong.

UPDATE: This is the post where I said that the pots were $6.


  1. Timber10:42 AM

    Is that not the current price?

    1. Yes, that is the current. Tuesday, when I was looking at the GW site for info on the new paints, they had pics of the pots instead of the normal color swatches and the pricing was $6 a pot. One of my friends pointed out that the price was $3.70 for him this morning. I posted this as a correction but I should probably link back to the orginal post.

    2. Timber3:37 PM

      Ah, thanks for the link. I missed the earlier post.