Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gaming Updates: GW Pulling Out of the Comp Circuit and How to Be the Victim of a Homicide

I saw this at Frontline Gaming.  I have mixed on the news of GW pulling out of the tournament circuit.  With the death of 'Ard Boyz, I really didn't see this coming.  Only being in the competitive (I use that term loosely) scene for less than a year, I have not seen any benefit from this.  Of course, I doubt I ever will see any benefit from them but it is strange.

Now, Mike Brandt from NOVA brings up some good points on why it shouldn't matter and why GW would have made the change.  I see that changes should have happened but pulling out is not the best move.  I guess time will tell if they are able to not take a hit from their competitors or maybe just create new rules.

Next up, the icy cold fingers of death....

I began working on pouring the water effect into the bases.  I was doing this in a less than optimum location and proceeded to knock over the base sending green resin on my carpet.  I could feel the wife detect a disturbance in the basement and begin to stir.  I managed to react quickly and save the carpet. 

I have since found a new location to fill the bases.  A location with less of a chance for death


  1. Interesting news. I'd never personally get involved in tournament play, but I recognize the need for it. It's like what I always tell people about PvP in MMOs, you need to have leader boards, rankings and ladders, because the really hardcore players want those things, and you really want that audience as long as you can isolate them from casual players.

    As for why GW would pull support? It seems to me that GW likes to have control of everything related to their products. Could they try to set up their own officially sanctioned tourneys? Is their money to be made? I'm not sure. This could just be another in a long list of curious decisions by GW.

    1. It can be as successful as you make it. The thing to remember is it is marketing. You spend money on marketing and make it in sales. They also announced that their Throne of Skulls Tournament is also done.

      I do agree that GW looks like they pull out a magic eight ball and says should we do this.