Monday, March 26, 2012

Confluence Crusade: WIP Captain Draco, Kill Team and Army Status

Touched up the black and did a coat of matte varnish on him.  Gonna work on the gun tomorrow I think.  I want to add some battle damage to him but I think I will test it on the regular initiates first.

I like the yellow I used better than the Com-Art yellow.  I think I will run by Games and Stuff on Sunday and look at the Vallejo Model Air yellow to see if they have anything close.

Sunday April 1st, Chuck's Comics is having their 1st Kill Team Tournament.  Gonna head up and play a few games.  That should be pretty fun.  Gonna play Dark Eldar.

As far as my Crusade is coming along.  I have all my troops built with the exception of the neophites that I don't own yet. I need to finish up the vehicles but I should be ready by June.  I will probably get a few games in at Dream Wizards and maybe the bunker. 


  1. Have you played much Kill Team? Is it any good?Seems like it could be fun, and more my speed since I haven't played in forever and have no interest in building large armies.

    1. This will be my first game. They are doing it to get more people interested for the next time they do a tournament. They are expanding their game room and want more people to start coming out.