Sunday, March 11, 2012

Confluence Crusade: Captain Draco and Vallejo Surface Primer

Feeling lucky, Punk?
It appears that my brush decided to arrive two days after USPS said it was delivered.  Not sure if it was lost in the warp or what but it is here.  I had several other items arrive.  One of them was gray surface primer from Vallejo.  I read about it on Stahly's and decided to give it a try.  Unfortunately, you can't buy it directly in the US.  You have to import it. The only place in the US to have it on hand in the size I wanted was Scale Hobbyist.  Cost close to $20 and they only had gray.

I decided to give it a try on Captain Draco.  Since I wanted to try some CC in my list, Captain Draco would make a great bolt pistol and power weapon.  A few drops in the airbrush was enough to do him and a few of my Cryx models (Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls).

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Coverage was good but I need to adjust the next PSI since it is thicker than my normal paint.  The gray is very close to a white.  The one issue have noticed is it goes on rubbery.  Maybe because it is self leveling or because of it's make up.  This makes it not like tape.  I tried taping up the blade to do the power weapon effect and a section came off.  Not good.

I have fixed the tare by adding more using a brush.  Went on perfect and without showing brush strokes.  Pretty nice.  I really like it. 

Captain Draco is proving to be a challenge.  Not in a bad way.  After trading a razorback for him, I want him to be perfect.  Since he is 90% assembled, I couldn't do the normal thing I do with the shoulders.  This means I have to paint the yellow on.  The issue here is the yellow from GW is still darker then the Com-Art yellow.  I may try my hand at blending the colors or just apply Com-Art by the brush.  

I think he will look nice on the table.  Of course, I can see the same thing happening with him as happened with my Ultramarine Captain.  I had one opponent ask what psychic powers my Librarian had.

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  1. HA! I feel the same pressure with the razorback. Since it's the first new vehicle in my collection I'm worried it's going to suck. I feel like my vehicles aren't as good as my figures. We should just get Todd to do them both so we're sure they'll look good!