Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bases or Why I Hate Secret Weapon Miniatures

First, let me start by saying I don't hate Secret Weapon.  I actually like them a lot.  What I hate is the fact that I have a mess of their Bone Field bases that I need to paint up to start on my Cryx army.   I posted a video of what I am doing for my Cryx army.  The very same army I purchased over six months ago but have done very little with.  Well, with the Journeyman League starting up I need to actually get them ready to use them as I paint this army. 

The issue I have is painting all of the skulls in order to prep for the slime effect is driving me mad.  Now, I did power through 12 of them tonight and I plan on powering through the rest tomorrow.  The only problem is the painting and that is mainly because of the details in the bases.  I want to make sure I base coat all the skulls so I can wash them before I do the slime effect. 

Next comes my next order from them.  I need the largest Bone Fields base for the Wraith Engine.  I also want to start buying the bases for the Chaos Legion army.  Those two will be Bone Fields.   More painting tiny skulls. 

On a similar topic, I need to find the perfect base for Captain Draco (and maybe the rest of my Black Templar army).  I have been looking at a few styles.  If you have an opinion, please post a comment below.

Here are my choice:
Secret Weapon Bases
Steel Plating: This is to go with the Steelers theme.  The issue here is my EC would need to be rebased.
Iron Deck: This stays with the Steeler theme and I like the detail on it.
Runic Mountain: More on the crusade idea.  I like these but not in love with them.  I could get away with not rebasing the EC.

Dragon Forge
Ancient Ruins: Same as above.
Goth-Teck: I like the mix of steel and stone.
Tech-Deck: I like the steel theme.
Sanctuary: I like the look but they look more for Sisters of Battle.
Slate Wasteland: If I choose this I wouldn't need to change the EC.
Cork: It is cheap, easy, and I wouldn't need to rebase anyone.  Downside is it chips and looks bad after.

Any comments are welcome.


  1. I prefer the dragon forge product, great detail, quick shipping, usually have a special or 2 going on.

    1. DF does have a great product and the detail is great. I found shipping was slightly slower because he uses (or did use) J.I.T production. I can understand why he would and I never order needing something immediately. I may go with the Goth-Teck.