Saturday, March 31, 2012

WIP: Captain Draco

He's almost there. I have to let him sit and decide what I want to do be for finishing him.

Kill Team: Chuck's Comics 1st Kill Team Event

The event looks pretty good.  A lot of people have signed up and a few more maybes.  Todd has went out of his way with setting the mood. 

I have went ahead a got my army ready.  It's below:

Cabal of the Merciful Release

10 Kabalite Warriors - 1 x Blaster, 1 x Splinter Cannon

6 Wytches - 1 x Hekatrix, 1 x Hydra Gauntlets

The big issue is this is an everyman for himself battle.  Unit rules don't apply.  The Blaster is ok range with a S8 AP1 hit.  It is a MEQ killer.  The issue is he only saves on a 5+.  The Splinter Cannon is just for messing someone up.  There are no multi wound models so this is there to make sure something bleeds to death.

The wytches are designed to get into CC whenever possible.  I took a Hydra Gauntlet of Shardnet and Impaler since I can't attack a unit.  They need to stay in cover and only engage when they need to.

All in all I am mixed on this.  I was going to go with an all bike list but I wasn't too sure about the terrain layout. 

I will take pics of my guys and the layout before hand.  I will probably do some video of the event.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Chuck's Comics Kill Team Event

Sunday is Chuck's Comics Kill Team Event.  Sincain40K has written a narritive intro here.  I added how it really ends in his comments but I can see why he didn't want to include it in the orginal.  I am running a Dark Eldar mix of CC and shooting. 

It should be a great event.  I really can't wait.  I will post pics and updates during the event.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gaming Updates: GW Pulling Out of the Comp Circuit and How to Be the Victim of a Homicide

I saw this at Frontline Gaming.  I have mixed on the news of GW pulling out of the tournament circuit.  With the death of 'Ard Boyz, I really didn't see this coming.  Only being in the competitive (I use that term loosely) scene for less than a year, I have not seen any benefit from this.  Of course, I doubt I ever will see any benefit from them but it is strange.

Now, Mike Brandt from NOVA brings up some good points on why it shouldn't matter and why GW would have made the change.  I see that changes should have happened but pulling out is not the best move.  I guess time will tell if they are able to not take a hit from their competitors or maybe just create new rules.

Next up, the icy cold fingers of death....

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bases or Why I Hate Secret Weapon Miniatures

First, let me start by saying I don't hate Secret Weapon.  I actually like them a lot.  What I hate is the fact that I have a mess of their Bone Field bases that I need to paint up to start on my Cryx army.   I posted a video of what I am doing for my Cryx army.  The very same army I purchased over six months ago but have done very little with.  Well, with the Journeyman League starting up I need to actually get them ready to use them as I paint this army. 

The issue I have is painting all of the skulls in order to prep for the slime effect is driving me mad.  Now, I did power through 12 of them tonight and I plan on powering through the rest tomorrow.  The only problem is the painting and that is mainly because of the details in the bases.  I want to make sure I base coat all the skulls so I can wash them before I do the slime effect. 

Next comes my next order from them.  I need the largest Bone Fields base for the Wraith Engine.  I also want to start buying the bases for the Chaos Legion army.  Those two will be Bone Fields.   More painting tiny skulls. 

On a similar topic, I need to find the perfect base for Captain Draco (and maybe the rest of my Black Templar army).  I have been looking at a few styles.  If you have an opinion, please post a comment below.

Here are my choice:
Secret Weapon Bases
Steel Plating: This is to go with the Steelers theme.  The issue here is my EC would need to be rebased.
Iron Deck: This stays with the Steeler theme and I like the detail on it.
Runic Mountain: More on the crusade idea.  I like these but not in love with them.  I could get away with not rebasing the EC.

Dragon Forge
Ancient Ruins: Same as above.
Goth-Teck: I like the mix of steel and stone.
Tech-Deck: I like the steel theme.
Sanctuary: I like the look but they look more for Sisters of Battle.
Slate Wasteland: If I choose this I wouldn't need to change the EC.
Cork: It is cheap, easy, and I wouldn't need to rebase anyone.  Downside is it chips and looks bad after.

Any comments are welcome.

Privateer Press: Journeyman League or Change is Good

Dream Wizards and Beltway Gamers are running a Journeyman League the same time they are running the War-Torn Alliances League.  This will be my first Journeyman League and I am using it as time to assemble and paint my Cryx models.

I don't think I will have the most optimized list for play.  Unless I get a bonus or am able to free up a $100 bucks in the next month, I will be playing the worst pDenny list.  At least I will have everything except my Bane Knights built and painted.  It will also reduce what I need to buy to finish it and my Wraith Engine will be built.

I think this is a great idea and a great way to generate cash for both the retailers and of course corporate.  I will be blogging it starting the 9th.

The good thing about this is it should give me more energy to power through the Black Templar army.  I am waiting for some pieces to come in for my rhinos/razorbacks and I put in my final order next week for the list I plan on running at NOVA. Having another set of models I need to paint in a 6 week period is just what I need to re-energize me.   

Plus, I can't wait for more badges to put on my bag.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Confluence Crusade: WIP Captain Draco, Kill Team and Army Status

Touched up the black and did a coat of matte varnish on him.  Gonna work on the gun tomorrow I think.  I want to add some battle damage to him but I think I will test it on the regular initiates first.

I like the yellow I used better than the Com-Art yellow.  I think I will run by Games and Stuff on Sunday and look at the Vallejo Model Air yellow to see if they have anything close.

Warhammer: Empire Trailer

Looks neat...if your into fantasy.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Road to NOVA: Black Templar vs Sons of Nocturn (Salamaders) After Action Report

Matt came over and we had a little game using last years NOVA Open primer.  We decided to do a random on a D3 and Matt rolled a two. 

Mission: Annihilation
Goal Priority: Kill Points (Primary), Quarters (Secondary), Objectives (Tertiary)
Deployment: Dawn of War/Night Fighting

Matt won the roll off and defers. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

GW Paints: Are They Any Good?

First, They don't actually get released on the 24th.  Let's just get that out of the way.  They are released in two weeks,  April 7th. 

Now on to the paints...I got to mess with them for about 20 minutes.  I can say that they really are nice.  The base is the new foundation.  They expanded the color range and they seem to work very well.  The white works but not on one pass on black.

Glazes are just that.  GW glazes are just like normal glazes (just more expensive).  I have been too lazy to make my own. If you are like me, these will be perfect.

Shades are the new washes only with a better consistency.  Seem to work just as well.

Layers are what you put over the base.  Works well and the colors have expanded.  Worked just fine.

Dry is their dry brush paint.  It worked well.  It is a think paint that is dry.  Handles like normal paint only designed for dry brushing.

Texture paint is money.  It worked great and was better than I thought it would be.  You can use it on a base and bam your done.  The one this is I would use it in addition to something else.  I plan on using them with my cork bases instead of sand. 

They also have Technical which has Liquid Green Stuff, 'ard Coat, a mixing medium and a primer.  Meh....

All in all, I have to say I was surprised and ordered a bunch of colors I needed and a few other things to try it out more.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Road to NOVA: Black Templar vs. Sons of Nocturn (Slamanders)

My fight against demons was cancelled due to the player getting lucky and scoring some hockey tickets.  That leaves my Sunday game against Matt and his Salamanders.  Matt is a new player that is a tremendous painter and can convert a paper clip and a dixie cup into a Landraider.

Since he is very much in the learning phase, this will be a laid back game where we discuss strategies and what works and what doesn't.  I will be trying a new list to see how it works against Vulcan.  I'll have a bat rep up after the game. 

GW Website is Preping Painting Guides

Looks like GW is waiting to roll out the new paint guides.

But when you click on the link...

The new paints are on their site though.  Broken up by division.  When I asked my local GW, Tony was playing teh good GW manager and saying he knew nothing.  Everyone in the store kinda looked at him like he had two heads.  Granted he could actually have been in the dark. Who knows.  I am just glad the price is normal.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

GW Paints: Mystery Solved

It appears that it wasn't a nefarious  plan from Games Workshop to raise prices.  I was just a moron and had the country set to AUS.  The one thing that has changed is they are back to swatches.  I apologize for accusing GW of being under handed and after our money. My bad.

GW Paints: Time to Eat Crow or Was GW Accidently Showing Off New Prices?

One of the guys from Chuck's Comics pointed out the pricing is 3.70 on the paints and liquid green stuff.  I am not at my desktop and can't check that I haven't screwed up somewhere along the line (like saying I live in Australia).  Damn me for not taking a screenshot.  Hopefully, I screwed up and it wasn't just GW accidentally releasing the new prices.

The main difference was that the items I saw were the actual pots and not the color swatches.  The color swatches are there now.  If GW did accident show off new prices, were they just for the old pots?  I guess we will find out this weekend. Unless I can get Battle Bunker to tell me tomorrow.

I sure hope I was wrong.

UPDATE: This is the post where I said that the pots were $6.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Warhammer 40k: Games, Hobby and Draco WIP

I am preparing for a few games this weekend.  I may be playing a BWG member at the Bowie Battle Bunker;  Demons versus Black Templar.  Then Matt is coming over Sunday for a little Salamanders versus Black Templar.  Both should be good games.

I am still rather annoyed at the GW increase on the paints.  The glue going up wasn't much of an issue.  The paint going up is insane.  62% is a hell of a jump compared to your competition that is already cheaper.  Is GW that out of touch?  I don't need their paint to make a model.  Paint is probably the only thing I buy at GW.  I guess not any longer. 

I tried to get the sword done on Draco and failed.  I had to re-prime it with P3 because the Vallejo really hated the metal.  To it's defense it does not list metal as acceptable medium.  Oh well. I will work on it tomorrow and hopefully have better luck.  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Games Workshop: Time to Pay a Premium for Paints? (UPDATED)

In case you have been living under a rock, GW is releasing new paint.  Faeit 212 posted a bunch about it and I ain't going to go into that but I was kinda happy about it.  This was until I looked at GW's website and saw the price of their existing line has almost doubled.  From $3.70 to $6 even.  I don't know if this is to capitalize on those of us in the hobby that is looking to buy up all of the existing pots to make sure their future models for their existing armies look uniform or this is the new price. 

Looking at their competition being cheaper and even better in a lot of ways, this seems like a big bone head move.

UPDATE: I saw that Liquid Green Stuff is now also $6. All signs are point to a 62% increase in their paints.

Off Topic: The Crusade is Everywhere...

I was away for the past few days at a leadership conference (I know.  Don't ask).  Besides meeting a few gamers and hobbyists, I had a great time.  I also saw signs that the Black Templar were around.

 I added some other pics of the caverns.  Could this be a Tyranid hive or perhaps they fight was against Chaos. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Confluence Crusade: WIP - Captain Draco

As promised, I started working more on Captain Draco.  I didn't do what I wanted to do initially.  I wanted to work on the black but I decided to do more metal work.  I added some Vallejo Gun metal to the buckle and the bolt pistol.  Not sure which way I will go on the bolt pistol but I need more color.  Maybe some brass and wood accent.  I also washed the gold in Ogryn Flesh.

I did his face in P3 Thrall Flesh with a Gryphonne Sepia wash and a light dry brush of Reaper Pure White.  Considering his back story, I wanted to give him a dead flesh look.  He has survived death and is as much machine as human.

I added the BT back pack and the framed skulls.  Not perfect but it is looking better.