Friday, February 17, 2012

Warmachine League: War-Torn Alliances - Trolls vs. Kjador

Yesterday was day one of the Warmachine/Hordes League at Dream Wizards.  I arrived later than I wanted and ended up pulling Charlie in a 1v1 match.  Since he ran Trolls and I run Khador, he wanted to do a team game but we didn't have enough available people to do one.

I want to thank Nate for lending me a tape measure since I left it in the case that holds "that OTHER game system".

We did one of the Gnarls scenarios.  Three objectives with one disappearing at the end of player two's turn.  Charlie won the roll off and went first.  I want to say this is my first time playing trolls and Charlie.  Charlie is a great guy and a big help but he eats, sleeps and breaths new ways to crush people.  Despite his half-hearted complaints at my deathstar, he has the advantage. 

Turn 1 - RUN.

Turn 2 - Fight.  The objective I didn't want to vanish did.  Leaving me basically screwed and down.  He engaged my WGI and they basically hold off everything. Saxon Orick charges a heavy and does some nice damage. 

Turn 3 - Charlie holds both objectives and gains 2 points.  I end the turn contesting the objectives.  One is contested by the Wardog who will die this turn.  The WGI are slowly killing the trolls in front of them but are pretty well tarpitted.  Spriggan is hit from behind and is destroyed.  Beast begins to wreck shop and takes out several models (including a WGI). Saxon is also killed.  :(

Turn 4 - Some more fighting but I can't reach the second objective and Charlie wins 3 - 0.

Better luck next time. 

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